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Buy Digital gold

Buy Digital gold

Buy Digital gold

Disclaimer, this is not a financial advice.
Do your own research!

Buy digital gold is more than trendy on the internet. It is hot pepper.

For those who do not know what digital gold is,
digital gold is just another name for crypto money, Aka crypto currencies.

But what is crypto money?

  • Money existing independently
  • not centralized
  • with a well-defined monetary policy.
Buy Digital gold

The most famous among crypto currencies is bitcoin (BTC) using:

  • A digital peer to peer electronic cash system
  • A decentralized protocol (cryptography)
  • A mechanism to achieve global consensus
  • A periodically updated public transaction ledger (block chain)
  • A monetary revolution starting January 2009 with some genius technologists affecting the financial markets.

Today it has become a daily traded financial asset
regulated as a currency/commodity
with legal use

Where did it start?

With a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto allowing direct exchange of value between two parties
without a third party (bank or other institution).

The first open-source Bitcoin software client was launched in January 2009,
allowing its users to use Bitcoin, a new way for trading value in the digital world.

Today economic and financial regulators have provided legal clarity
and bank connections to trade and invest in bitcoin.

How and when can you use digital gold?

It is used for transacting value outside the traditional financial system, faster, more secure and private. But not so friendly to settle small-value transactions. Because of ledger limitations and lack of second-layer availability, making it expensive.

Today it seems to be the new gold standard with builtin monetary policy code and powerful networks allowing economic freedom from global institutions.

  • No confiscation
  • No censorship
  • No devaluation through roofing inflation

Pot of gold, right?

Buy digitl gold

Some caution

  • Beware the scams
  • Save crypto on hardware, not in wallets
  • Write down your info on paper

Some news

Where do I start?
A great place is Coin desk with the latest crypto news

Some advice?

  • Do not jump into the crypto market unknowingly
  • Do your own research
  • Invest according to your possibilities
  • Make no debts
  • The crypto market is highly volatile and stressy

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Tell us, what is your experience with digital gold?

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