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Time for a little review

Wealthy affiliate platform

A site for solopreneurs willing to learn the digital tricks for  success online.

After a week of testing, what can be said?

The lesser points

Just video for training is demanding if you have eye troubles. It would be great to have written text for quick readers. Easier to skip.

Furthermore, some video’s are too long and too packed.
Sliced topics would be nicer or a timetable.
Now you have to go through.

Time consuming.

The stronger points

The caring community is great and addictive

The training is outstanding if you are less familiar with IT.
Without much background you can set feet on unknown territory and be rewarded for your efforts.

Support is speedy and that 7/7 and 24/24.


Join for free and test if this is for you. No risks. Only your commitment and efforts are needed.

To your success!

Fleeky one

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Thank you for reading and sharing!


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