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Make money with affiliate marketing

Make money with affiliate marketing

For many make money with affiliate marketing will translate in the question of how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Before going further, let us define affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a promotion tool used by companies to reward third-party publishers who generate traffic or leads to their products and services. The third-party publishers are called affiliates. The commission fee resulting from sales is a way to reward those who promote the company. The internet links referring to those products or services are called affiliate links.

There are several ways to use those affiliate links, whether it be in text or video, by mail campaigns or blogs.

One of them being blogging or vlogging in a niche you excel in, building your own website.

The latest trend is having

  • A niche
  • A website ( wordpress is best )
  • Affiliate links

Those three together will help you to make money with affiliate marketing.
Whether it is to review products in your niche or promote one affiliate product or service in particular.

A niche

Before setting up your website it is important to have a niche (a market segment) that suits you best.
One product or service that you are passionate about!
It can be about sailing, horse riding, roses, … whatever. Does not matter.
As long as you like it.

Do something great
Just try risk free!

A website

Having a website is hot. It is even trendy. And adding adds or affiliate links can be rewarding for those who know how to select their products and services.
The market is huge and its possibilities almost endless.
But… there is no easy money. And those who tell you otherwise are fooling you.

It needs time and learning before earning.

Beware the scams and shiny lights promising heaven and stealing your money.

Setting up a website is one thing, writing blogs or producing vlogs another.

Action and focus are key. Not just ideas or wishful thinking and dreaming.

A website needs commitment, time and endurance. Content is key.

If you are not ready to invest time and money, this is not for you.

Affiliate links

Once you have your niche, your website and content, it is time to wonder about affiliate links with poducts or services that you want to promote on your site. Seek quality advertisers, rewarding your effort.

A great and simple to use affiliate marketing platform is shareasale with awesome merchants and affiliates.

A great place to find merchants as an affiliate

Learning how to build your own website and learn affiliate marketing

This brings me to the topic of this blog: how and where can you learn affiliate marketing in a real time context with your own website, niche and affiliate links?

A platform that caught my attention Is the wealthy affiliate academy. An online platform where you can learn both affiliate marketing and web building. The community of affiliates is a great place to share your questions, experiences and success. And their support team is the best ever met online.

Some will wonder if this is another scam?. Well it is not. It is a living classroom with an extended active community where each one learns at own pace.

The WA academy has proven to be a great instrument for learning, self-improvement, socializing and learning. An exceptional affiliate platform worth every penny and time you will invest in it… and where your share in efforts is more than honored.

However, let me warn you. This is not a quick rich scheme. This is for those who seek money, or think it is another lucky game. It demands effort, consistency and endurance. A learning process with ups and downs that leads you towards your own success.

There are three possible options

As a starter for free

The best place to start is to open an account and to see if this is for you.
It is free, teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing and web building.

If you are new to the business… take your time and do not jump into the next step before you can walk.
Make sure to master the basics

What is offered in hosting?

If you are only interested in building a free website you can do that here and see for yourself.

Outlay of the basic free lessons:
Make money with affiliate marketing
Content of the free lessons

Once you master the basics and feel good about the course you can upgrade as premium member and later as premium plus memeber.

Do not jump into the upgrades too early until you are ready for it. Remember it is an academy, an investment for life, not just anot shiny object. And every year with black friday there are discounts as well.

Some giveaways

The getting started course is free for as long as you want!

Registering as a starter give you the possibility to check if this is for you!

After registering as a starter, you better set up your account and start building your own free website on Siterubix

Do you want to try ?

Join here

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