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10 steps for the wealthy affiliate

10 steps for the wealthy affiliate. A to do list for those who decide to give this learning platform a try
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10 steps for the wealthy affiliate

Before elaborating on the subject, just know that you can join the wealthy affiliate platform for free.

These are the main steps in the process:

1) register with  the wealthy affiliate platform
2) learn how to setup a free rubix site
3) Add a simple responsive theme that you can update to a professional version later. One of the best is the elegant theme.
4) Updated and activate the given plugins like kraken and seo
5) Write some basic texts. Your privacy policy and your about me page come first
6) Optimize your images and seo.
7) Register with google and bing.
8) Add your social and affiliated links and start posting on social media.
9) Create a call to action and build your email list.
10) When you feel ready, register you own domain and eventually redirect  your  old domain to the new one and move your site to your own domain.

And now?

I am testing my seo settings and keywords, working on my call to action and email list.
And asking my questions to other members of WA all along.

Refining as they say!

Some Tutorials

Simply explained for newbies

Refining the tunes

Make sure to join, if you did not yet!

Black friday give away at wealthy affiliate

Invest in your future & learn

Learn affiliate marketing & build your own website with an awesome community and join me there. You can be a free starter for as long as needed. It includes free hosting and basic teachings. If you are an advanced user, you may like to level up. Just have a look, and see for yourself!

10 thoughts on “10 steps for the wealthy affiliate”

  1. Good evening nuggets!
    I like that name especially since your domain mentions gold. I presume you are someone who is fond of gold. So, I see you provided us with a list of steps that you took so far in your wealthy affiliate journey. Which of these steps do you think was the most challenging for someone just starting out? It’s always good to hear how high the hurdles will be before you get started. Thanks again and I look forward to your response.

    1. Hi Neil!Glad to meet you here.Not all that shines is gold indeed.  I came to make this website because webbuilding and affiliated marketing for many (me too) is more than a challenge…: a nightmare. The wealthy affiliates platform is an extraordinary  community for solopreneurs who seek support, education and safe guidance. I hope to tease the curiosity of many since membership is free.So the first and most challenging step would be to join the wealthy affiliates. .. rest soon history..(I wished i had know them long ago. )

    1. Thank you Allen! Your comment is much appreciated and you give me ways to work on and to think about. My intent is not to be complete, just to tease the curiosity of my readers and to invite them to seek for more… to join me and to run run with me for gold on the wealthy affiliate website. Hence my title ‘for gold’. Yes, I have tried many themes and found this one attractive on mobile devices, my target group. But I am open for new suggestions. Your time to review my site was much appreciated. ❤️Happy year!  Wishing you peace and health.

  2. Wow, Thanks for this nice tutorial. I’m just getting to know about wealthy affiliateand I’ve heard quite alot of good information on it. Seeing this post have given me more insight about it. I intend to register with wealthy affiliate soon and this tutorial will go a long way to helping me out.

    1. Wow indeed Dane… just follow the beaten path if you are unfamiliar with webbuilding and affiliate marketing. Know you can upgrade with black friday at a discount of 50%. Something to think about. In the mean time, commenting is a way to visit many sites, and to learn as well. Just make sure to focus on the course and your own website and to ask others when stuck.  Good luck!NuggetsPSWA is the best investment for your own future!

  3. Thank you for this great guide to wealthy affiliate. It is pretty much exactly what I have done to get to where I’m at now. I am doing the premium membership and getting a lot of value out of it. I am building my website and getting higher on search engines. And learning how to make money online, which I always wanted to do. It started from me reading an article just like yours and trying the free membership. So I hope plenty of people find your web site and try it out, too! Thanks!

  4. Hmm, this is a good one for those who are just starting off. Short and concise picking out all the important details and what to follow when joining in on wealthy affiliate. Its been a great one here and I have enjoyed all the services that is offered for members. Anyone can join wealthy affiliate and make good money. I’ll be sharing thus post with friends.

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