Testing the weaver theme

Testing the weaver theme. One of the best fully customizable and easy to use WordPress themes
The art of weaving. It takes time to build a website

Testing the weaver theme

The weaver theme is one of the best Fully Customizable WordPress Themes
and that alone is worth looking at it…

A snapshot

Testing the weaver theme. One of the best fully customizable and easy to use WordPress themes - Website
The weaver theme

The weaver theme (click the link for pricing)  is a quite complex and complete theme.
With many bells, whisles and trumpets.

It offers gradual levels from basic , intermediate to expert.

It gives you a lot of possibilities to adjust the site to your liking,
especially for those who like html.

This theme is great for complex editings and settings.
And has an extended documentation to refer to.

If you are a beginner the theme is set to basics.
You can adjust later to your own skills.
And level up according to your needs… with the plus version.

It is in coded in html… which is still very reliable
and the theme allows a lot of settings with video’s.

A great theme. Well done!

On fleek!

Thank you for likes, shares and comments!

What is your favorite theme and why?

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3 Thoughts to “Testing the weaver theme”

  1. Nuggets

    They have no affiliate program.
    Great theme indeed

  2. I’ve used Weaver for several years now, the paid version on some of my blogs and the free one on others. I like it for the control it gives me, but am also experimenting with the free version of GeneratePress to see if that might run faster.

    1. Hi Rosana

      You can speed up your website wIth a good image compressor like pixelmate And a cache plugin like WP Rocket .

      Just know themes have their own cycles…
      I use different ones according to the needs of my site.

      Do not change if not necessary…

      Good luck

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