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Updating wordpress and upgrade

Updating wordpress happens from time to time. Make sure to check the options...
Maintenance is key

Updating wordpress

Once in a while,
WordPress comes with an update

New features
New solutions


updating wordpress and backup

Golden tip

Do not forget to back up your site
before upgrading plugins or wordpress

Shop tips

Do you automate your updates?

Better consider that option if you don’t


2 thoughts on “Updating wordpress and upgrade”

  1. Hi Fleeky. These are very clear and simple instructions indeed like your motto :). Although WA updates WP automatically but if you host your domain else where, you need to back up, correct me if I’m wrong. One question though. Back up to folder. Any folder I create on the desk top? Great stuff. Thanks.

    1. Hi Moona, 

      You can automate wordpress updates with plugins. Although the automatic update of wordpress and plugins is not recommended. 

      Always backup first! That is the message

      When it comes to folders you can make a BU folder (backup) and give a name to your file like : name of my site and date of backup  fleeky210318  before saving to it.

      Hope this helped.

      To your success

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