Emerging trends marketing

Emerging trends marketing

Hypes as they say! Or new waves clashing consumer shores … Physical advertising follows trends. Internet marketing jumps on trends. And both want to take advantage of the market and

AtMail and iPad

AtMail and iPad

  Before using AtMail, considder this. AtMail uses tapping, double-tapping and right clicking. None of that works on iPad (or iPhone). Making it useless at first sight. What happens on

Maintenance can be a pain

Maintenance can be a pain

For those amongst us with less or no technical skills Maintenance of a website can be a pain The (l)earning process can be long Before it becomes fruitful And before

How to solve procrastination

How to solve procrastination

How to solve procrastination! Let us first define it. What is procrastination? Reading all the definitions it resumes to this: To postpone and delay actions that need to be taken


Updating wordpress

  Once in a while, Wordpress comes with an update New features New solutions   Training updating wordpress and backup Golden tip Do not forget to back up your site

Computer addiction

What is computer addiction?

Computer addiction (CA) is an excess, an obcession leading to negative results in your relationship, daily work, finances, and leads to destructive patterns in your life. Not all work done on

Keep the good memories

2018 calendars

  Calendars… Who remembers them? Coming in all shapes and colors. And today, the digital clock and agenda’s have taken over the job! Wishing each and all a fruitful 2018

The road to success

The road to success

On the road to success we always have a choice Luck is garbagge Work smarter Money is a tool A servant Not a master Patience is not speculation The time-tool

Fleeky One

On fleek ?

A question of being?  Belonging ? Having? I was born between two generations Like most of us Sitting half on the century Multi cultural Multi lingual Multi diciplinar A first

Be your Niche

The best niche

Niche around ‘I am the niche’ Be your self What you like What you do What you enjoy And in sharing that You become a niche

What would YOU say

What is a tip?

A tip has several meanings And can be understood in many ways It can be A Terminal Interface Processor But most of the time It is used as hint The

Is Wealthy affiliate a scam?

  Today I want to discuss the wealthy affiliate platform. An awesome, outstanding affiliated platform for webbuilders, bloggers and solopreneurs like YOU. What are their assets? Judge for yourself. They offer:


Time to move on

Apprentice time is finished. Going for the real stuff and sharing some websites. Chopwa : a new way of shopping, gathering webshops. Blog in peace : join other bloggers and

Testing the wealthy affiliate platform

My confusion day – a poem

Confusion days We have them all Nothing works All is stuck The path endless Obstacles Long and difficult Work undone Entering mud What can be done? What is next? I

Time for a little review

Wealthy affiliate A site for solopreneurs willing to learn the digital tricks for  success online. After a week of testing, what can be said? The lesser points Just video for

Keep on going

The 4th day: making a website

Making a website Today I spent my time making my first website on siterubix with wordpress. If you need more information about wordpress look here : Some links for wordpress

I like being on wealthy affiliates

My first 3 days on WA

I joined the wealthy affiliates WA (link for site) . For free! As a testing. And, at the same time,  I will keep a journal of my first steps. In the hope