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What is computer addiction?

What is computer addiction and how recognize an excess, an obcession with negative effects and results
Computer addiction

What is computer addiction?

Computer addiction (CA) is an excess, an obcession leading to negative results in your relationship, daily work, finances, and leads to destructive patterns in your life.

Not all work done on computer is addiction.
Even if it takes hours to accomplish.

Remember the destructive aspect and the negative side effects
The orange and red flags that something is going wrong

Recognize CA

Like most addictions your will is enslaved.

You have no power of decision any more. You are like a zombie. Scrolling, clicking without any consistency.  There is no constructive, nor positive outcome in what you are doing. You are digging a hole without end. And it affects your life and the life of others: health, finances, relationship… just to name a few.

It is a step backwards. An escape from reality . A cover up of emotions. A flee in illusion caused by trauma, boredom, depression. .. And Just like other illnesses there are several levels going from mild to severe

Get rid of CA

The most important is the first step: to recognize you are hooked.

The next steps are actions to reduce your time on line by seeking healthy activities. Keeping limits of use and place.

And if all that does not help: Seek help

Take the test

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2 thoughts on “What is computer addiction?”

  1. I have a friend who seems to have a computer addiction. Currently, he works in the IT department so he has a legitimate excuse to hole himself up in his room all day long. Before he got this job, he used to hole himself up at home all the time. If he is bored, the first thing he would think of is to go to his computer and play some games. If he gets bored on games, then he watches an anime. If he gets bored on anime, then he goes on facebook to get updated socially. Once he is done with that he goes back to gaming. He can spend two days without sleeping sometimes to “farm stuff” in online rpgs. I would recommend him to take your test. If it comes to addiction, he definitely has it. By the way, does being addicted to a smartphone counts also?

    1. Hi Win… Yes, it seems your friend is addicted. And the good news, it  can be treated. And yes, better have him take the test. Yes, same goes for smartphone addiction. Thank you for sharing. I hope he gets back on track…Take good care of him 

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