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The 4th day: making a website

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Fleeky One

Making a website

Build success online
Build success online

Today I spent my time making my first website on siterubix with wordpress.

If you need more information about wordpress look here :

Some links for wordpress

What did I do?

First I made my site and updated wordpress .
Then I activated and updated the plugins and theme.

If you do not know how to do that follow the tutorials here

easy tutorial for setting up your wordpress site 

If you are familiar with wordpress, those are my steps

1. Name of the site and settings

2. Theme of the site and customisation

3. My first post and page

4. All my affiliated linking

5. My list

6. Testing


Build success online
Build success online

Thank you for reading and sharing!


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Fleeky One

Fleeky One

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