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5 tips for SEO – How to rank on Google

5 tips for seo - how to rank on google. Use the tools at your disposal and adapt to your needs
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5 tips for SEO – How to rank on Google

How to rank on search engines and on google in particular is tougher than before.

More than ever, you need to plan your presence on the internet. Do not leave it to luck alone…

Make sure your website is up and running smooth with at least 5 blogs before launching into this adventure.

Once ready, consider the following tips.

1. Use free SEO tools at your disposal

The most important tools at your disposal to achieve that are the google webmaster tool and console and the bing webmaster dashboard.

You can find them here if you did not already:

Google webmaster
Google webmasters tools
Bing webmaster toolbox
All in one SEO plugin

2. Go for ONE niche

What to write about?

It is important to have Content that is focused and keyword related.

The hummingbird seeks honey, not sugar.

Focus on one niche.

Make it impressive with referrals, appropriated images and video’s or slides

3. Pinpoint on the marketplace

Make sure to have an optimized title tag with appropriated meta description

Because that is what comes up in google search !

Make it relevant and appealing

Tickling curiosity, inviting .

4. Work on the long term

It is not enough to rank high on google.
You want to catch your fish, right?

Be consistent.

Nobody wants flies, only returning visitors and customers.

5. Use related keywords in your article

It will improve your traffic and your ranking

Fleeky One

That was it.
All in a nutshell.

To your success!

Clear and simple is my motto

More easy tutorials and SEO checker

Look at more trainings on the wealthy affiliate

SEO Checker provided by SEOCentro

A keywords checker

The Jaaxy tool

Thank you for reading, shares and comments!

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2 thoughts on “5 tips for SEO – How to rank on Google”

  1. I have a mini niche site that I run and I was looking for ways to improve my SERPs results. I really liked the simplicity of your article and after reading your article, I feel like I know what to do and improve on! Thanks for writing this article and looking forward to your next!

    1. Hi! Thank you for telling me…. Yes mini niche sites do well and have a great quality audience. Good choice! Before writing, I always test things and then reduce my experience to the core. And since most of us have not much time to looze… It seems to work for most.Is there a topic you would like me to cover? Let me know… ;-)Good luck!

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