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Become a super affiliate

Become a super affiliate. Do you promote produvts, services or specific affiliated platforms. Wealthynaffiliate is one of them. Check it out!

Become a super affiliate

This is for affiliate boot campers wanting to create a business on line through the promotion of WA

Those who make a full time income are joining yearly in Las Vegas
to celebrate a year of hard work and efforts.
Connecting and sharing with the top WA affiliates of the world.

Success is not given. It is earned.

The focus of this blog is to offer insights in marketing strategies
and to learn how to earn with affiliate marketing.

Drive your business and build up
by ordering your goals and work

  • How can we dress a plan for success, one year ahead
  • What are the goals?
  • How do we get there?

It resumes to a plan
A road map
Leading to accomplishing
your goals

  • What do you want
  • And how

Make a different between
Daily, weekly, monthly goals
And plan your steps.

Become a super affiliate
Become a super affiliate

Make sure to know your audience

  • Who are they?
  • what do they want?

Try to provide answers
To their questions
with your products, support
And service

They will soon mirror
Your own needs
and achievements

Make sure to structure
Your goals and tasks
To create productivity

How to speed up the process
Of becoming an authority
And be a significant player

It happens in time

Helping others
by creating content
That helps people solbe problems

Know what the markets tell

Using Google alerts will steer you into the future
Make sure to follow up

Become a super affiliate
Become a super affiliate

Efforts are always rewarded

Know your efforts
as super WA affiliate
Are crowned in Las Vegas

So, sit down
Break down your goals
In smaller, reachable pieces

Look at seasonal goals as Well

  • The founding of your business
  • The promoting of your business
  • The expanding of your business
  • The fruition of your business

All in due time

Work within a frame
it will lead to success later

The foundation takes time
And leads slowly into growing numbers
through search engines

Keep your structure clear
Build up and extend
Maintain a content schedule

Do no waste your time in chit chat
Build your website instead

Content = key

Basics for trust
Basics for success
Basics for authority

Connect with your audience
And leverage your presence online

Lay out your goals
Let it be clear

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • Where do you want to be next year?

Be clear about your niche
And audience

Become a super affiliate
Become a super affiliate

You are in people business

WA is a learning platform
Offering a great hosting
And learning module
With a very active community
Ready to help and cheer you up
With Feedback and constructive reflections

The WA platform offers a lot

  • Life chat
  • Questions
  • Blogs
  • Success stories
  • Insights
  • Training
  • Classes

Your interaction
With the community
Will enrich you

You can blog
About your journey
On the platform

I like using mind maps
To plan my actions
Others will use other methods, apps or software.

Lay out your weekly tasks, realistically
And plan the future ahead

Work on this map daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
and split them up into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks.

Be specific
Be realistic
And do your research


Your business
Are people!

Your Content
and follow up
are key!

Organize your days
And tasks

And seek
why you are not getting work done!

Establish your authority

Be precise about words
making it happen
Especially in your about me page

Expertise grows out of experience
And learning from others on the road

Trial and errors are part of the process

Small activities
like daily or weekly writing
Bring amounts of success

Educate yourself
Be active
Work out indeed!


Did you like this freely translated review ?

Then I invite you to watch the full video given by Kyle,
co-founder of the WA platform and great motivator

For all of us.

If you feel called like becoming a WA affiliate,
make sure to join for free and see if this is for you.

To your success!

Thank you for likes shares and comments

what is your super affiliate tip?

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Invest in your future & learn

Learn affiliate marketing & build your own website with an awesome community and join me there. You can be a free starter for as long as needed. It includes free hosting and basic teachings. If you are an advanced user, you may like to level up. Just have a look, and see for yourself!

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