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Cookies and GDPR consent

Cookies and gdpr consent
Cookies and gdpr consent

Cookies and GDPR consent

What you need to know.

EU and UK have been updating their laws especially regarding cookies.

Cookies = small piece of information stored on your browser from a website

They can be first party cookies on your website
Or third party cookies from others

Owner of websites need to manage cookies.

Which laws govern cookies?

The so called cookie law and GDPR (2018)

These two laws regulate cookies, according to privacy directives in Europe.
They can vary from country to country.
The core however is the same, implementation per country, might be different.

E-privacy requires

  • Visible cookie banner
  • Link to cookie policy
  • Consent required via opt-in

GDPR requires:

  • A valid legal basis
  • Informed, explicit, freely given consent
  • Ability to Remove consent / keep track of consent (who, when, …)
  • Honor user rights
  • Points of variance
  • Cookie lifetime
  • explicit accept/reject options
  • Per category consent
  • Other legal bases like legitimate interest
  • Consent for Analytic cookies
  • The use of cookie walls
  • Proof/records of consent
  • Simple proof shows if it happens or not
  • GDP must include consent (who, when)

    Automatic logs
  • Powered by a Collection mechanism
  • Using Cookie / consent solution records
  • With Convenient dashboard using unique user ID
  • Third party considerations

Ex : Google personalized ads need consent

Make sure to check applicable laws. Some only accept strictly necessary cookies


What is the Best Practice

  • Play it safe regarding analytic in particular
  • Use legitimate means to maximize consent like purpose
  • Have a verifiable consent
  • Use Default cookie lifetime
  • Use legitimate tools to maximize consent.
  • Keep it simple, clear and minimize the options.

Free scripted from a webinar by Iubenda

They have the best System for cookie banner allowing prior blocking of cookies
or getting consent from users

Get help for the legal requirements
And focus on your business


Thank you for likes, comment and share!

To your success.

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2 thoughts on “Cookies and GDPR consent”

  1. I can tell, this post was thoroughly research, the author spend some times in designing and writing this post. From the start, I was immediately drawn to the way this content was setup. Precisely, what I expected and suspected to be an experience Affiliate Member. However, I could be wrong but I doubt it.After spending some times, reading through the article, I came up with a couple of questions, I would like to be answered. This, in no way an attempt to criticize this post, but my hope is to engage with you in discussion of your article.As I mentioned earlier, I believed, you have been an affiliate member for quite sometime, if so, how long have you done this line of work?Secondly, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a few month now, still have a lot to learn. If I’m not mistaken, this post is intended to help people that have been affiliate marketers for a while. What I meant was, I was kind of confused and lost trying to follow the post. In conclusion, I feel that if I came across this post as a newbie, I probably would not be able to be drawn into affiliate marketing. Overall, the post is very informational and precise.

    1. Dear Val, thank you for your appraisal and questions. 

      Be not lost, please…. This post was intended for all those who target european markets since laws are very strict when it comes to cookies and privacy. And this blog targets more advanced users indeed.  For your interest  check my easy tutorial on cookies. There are some free plugins to install as starter. I hope this reference will be easier for you to follow. If not, drop me a note there. 

      When it comes to affiliate marketing, learning comes before earning indeed, there is no shortcut. See it as an investment in your own education.  Affiliate marketing is a long process that needs lots of content and visitors. It is not build in one day and the world is your competitor… You will find a step by step journey into this educational proces on my website here. The hardest part as starter is to find a niche. My advice would be to target your local market, since all search algorithms do promote local business first. Your competition will be easier also. 

      To your success!

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