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What is built-in Page Caching

What is built-in Page Caching
What is built-in Page Caching

What is built-in Page Caching

Built-in page caching refers to the functionality provided by a caching plugin, like WP Rocket, to generate and store static HTML versions of web pages. When a visitor accesses a page on a website with built-in page caching enabled, the server delivers the pre-generated static HTML version of the page instead of dynamically generating it with every request.

The cached HTML version is typically stored in the server’s memory or disk, allowing subsequent visitors to access the page quickly without the need for time-consuming database queries or server-side processing. This significantly improves page load times and reduces server load, as the server only needs to serve the pre-generated HTML file instead of executing PHP scripts or database queries.

By caching pages, the website’s overall performance is enhanced, and the server’s resources are utilized more efficiently. Visitors experience faster page loading times, resulting in improved user experience and reduced bounce rates. Caching can be further enhanced with features like cache expiration, cache preloading, and cache management to ensure the most up-to-date content is served while maintaining optimal performance.

Built-in page caching is a core feature of caching plugins like WP Rocket. These plugins simplify the process of enabling and managing page caching, allowing website owners to improve performance without extensive manual configurations or code modifications.

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