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A new business strategy

A new business strategy in evolving markets on the internet.  Combine  traffic and sales
There is more than a game…

A new business strategy

Whether you are a new business
Or an old established one
Consider this

The world of e-marketing is evolving daily

How to combine both traffic and sales?

How to combine a process that generates both
traffic and sales

Yes, you hear that right.

Why are most of us not succeeding online?

How to get easy leads and big profits?

The technique gives you the profit, so they say.

This new strategy is for two types of people:

Those who want

  • to generate quality leads
  • to build a list for their business

At lesser costs

Those who want

  • To start a new business
  • To generate money

At lesser effort

An answer would be building lists and affiliate marketing. But… 

How to build lists through affiliate links?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a company link that provides you with commission
without having to build a business around a product.

Affiliate marketing is easier than building traditional business.
No product creation, no customer support, …

But… it is HARD to get traffic, time-consuming and expensive.

What exactly will you promote so that others buy?

How often are your clicks stolen?

And it is even harder to know what your audience wants…

Mailing list

What makes more money?

  • Buy traffic and send them to an offer and get the sale Or  
  • Buy traffic, make your audience subscribe before you send them to the offer

In the long term subscribing provides you with your own list. Great no?

Building a big responsive list is a no brainer.
Your list will provide you with more than half of your revenue.

You can build a long term business.
Through the click, you get the mail

It is more value for more offers and clicks


So make a landing page, capture the mail and follow up with more information or other offers.

This is a better traffic and sales method

Let me present you a new technique for building your list and following up your audience.

Old school:

Building a list and generating leads is harder than told.
It is expensive, you have to buy leads
You need squeeze pages
Not to speak of fake leads
And making it to an inbox is harder than thought

New school:

Build your list through (FB) lead ads.
Ask your user what they want to buy and sell it to them.

Easy peas.

Survey your audience and use automated instant leads and surveys

  • Create your ads
  • Ask the right questions
  • Follow up with offers
  • Consistent follow-up is key

How do you do that?

Through follow-up mails

  • Find an audience
  • Survey them
  • Sell them what they want

But… to set this up

Better use automated campaigns
And email software

But… to write sales and promo emails

Better use ready-made ones


LOL right

Having a list and no mails
Or mails and no lists
Daunting, right?

Money makes the world go round

If you have a big responding list and the right mail, profits are rolling in.

You need BOTH

  • Build a list
  • Ask questions
  • Promote offers
  • Start selling

Easy to set up with fast results
Who would not like to do that?

Have success with this technique
Without hurdles, training, products, inventory

To your success!

Thank you for sharing your strategies

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