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Seeking a working platform for websites

Building a website from scratch is hard for those amongst you without IT experience.
The step into webbuilding and affiliate marketing is huge…
And that is where the seeking of a working platform starts.

A platform for hosting, support, friendship, learning... and earning in the end.

Questions you may ask in this quest

  • Where can I learn the basics?
  • Where can I host?
  • Where do I find support ?
  • Where can I join a supportive and learning community?
  • How can I monetize my efforts?
  • What are the costs?
  • And many more…

Fleeky One helps helps you in many ways

  • With references to a platform on the internet where you can join a community and learn to become a solopreneur
  • With reviews of all kinds
  • With techniques and tools for refining your website
  • With blogs on several topics
  • With open Q&A in comments
  • With links and references to useful sites

The selection of referrals and affiliated links has been made with great care, far from scams, for a better experience. Avoid shiny objects syndrome and quick rich talk… It is far from reality leading into deception.

What are the best steps to succeed ?

1. A supportive community.

Amongst the many learning platforms and hosting companies tested , the WA platform stands out because it combines both.

Especially if you need to wire up your knowledge and understanding of affiliated marketing and selling stuff on line.

You can be a starter for as long as needed or become a premium member, once ready. all depends of your skills. The great news is that there is no timelimit on your trial period as starter. So, what is the given?

2. A website

Setting up a website is the toughest part, since it requires a lot of practical and technical abilities.
And believe me, they are not acquired in one day.

For those who just want a subdomain, siteRubix is a great hosting platform!
Just add your free subdomain and test your skils before jumping into the real stuff.
The great news is that the site is integrated with the wealthy affiliates,.
You can ask for help whenever needed through life chat .

Know you do not own the site, you just own your content

In case you lack imagination and skill to find your niche
and keywords for your search engine optimisation (SEO)
Jaaxy is a great tool to help you in doing so.

You can seek keywords for free. No obligations.

3. A trial period as starter

Many tend to forget that setting up a business does not happen overnight.
You need a trial period to find out if the BOL (business on line) suits you.

For some of you it will be better to keep that good old job with less stress…. reflect on that.

Many are called, not all do fit the profile of a solopreneur.

Just koiw the training is not lost, nor the skills learned.

So, why not learn… and invest in your own future?

4. A cost effective system

Forth, you need a cost effective system that does not ruin you, and that hopefully will fund itself. Right?

So, if you have decided to set up a free account and join a platform of like minded people, just go

Is there an alternative?

Yes, of course.

1. For professional webbuilders

If you are an advanced webbuilder, take advantage of the premium promo and click here.

2. For professionals and entrepreneurs

This being said. If you have the financial backing and not much time to invest in a learning proces, my advice is to seek a webbuilder, who does the job for you.

A great one is SOS Stevie. Webbuilding for awesome ones like you.

Or join another great hosting company like ONE if you prefer controlling your backstage.

And further?

Once you have your website up and running, problems will be solved all along.
It just needs commitment and endurance.


To your success.

Fleeky one
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Invest in your future & learn

Learn affiliate marketing & build your own website with an awesome community and join me there. You can be a free starter for as long as needed. It includes free hosting and basic teachings. If you are an advanced user, you may like to level up. Just have a look, and see for yourself!


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