3 golden rules for investors

3 golden rules for investors

3 golden rules for investors

Spending money is easy.
And few do it with some consideration.

Just refrain.
Do not give in to sudden impulse!

Do not buy to fill an emotional gap.

  • Compare prices!
  • Pros and cons.
  • Seek quality!
  • A maximum result for a minimum of effort

Same can be said of investment.

Study the market, companies, products, dividend, assets, debts…

Compare quality and price

Do not jump from one share to another.

It becomes an infernal refrain of sell and buy and loss and more loss.

Do not seek immediate result. It takes time to build up your stock portfolio.
Do not endebt yourself.

3 golden rules for investors


The first rule:
do not gamble.

The stock market is not a gamble place and those who so will lose a fortune.
Seek assets with growing worth and good return.
They will not deceive.


The second rule:
do not follow trends.

Buy good assets when they are cheap.
Not at their highest quotation.
Be patient and wait for dips to do so.

And… sell in the right time at heights!


The third rule:
do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Make sure to have different industries.
And be patient.

To your success!

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Any other advice? Or golden rule?

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