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How to improve conversion rates?

How to improve conversion rates ?A haunting question for many in a narrow, ever changing and  demanding market
Improve your conversion rates

How to improve conversion rates ?

For those who do not blog for pleasure,
the web is more than an ocean.

Know your why’s and how’s

Selling products or services?

As long as your traffic does not convert into customers
it is of no use.

Whether it be purchases, downloads, subscriptions, comments.
You need response. Action.

Where do you find your conversion rate?

A way to track your conversions is through google analytics.
You can do that through google analytics or a wordpress plugin like GADWP.

The Google Analytics for WordPress (GADWP) plugin enables you to track your stats within your site. A Very handy plugin

What is a good conversion rate?

Ideally between 2% and 3%
unless you focus on a target public
with higher interest in your products or services.

How can we improve the rates?

By having a high leveled website
with excellent speed, visibility and design.

Some tips:

– Have a responsive web design that is mobile friendly .
– Invite your reader to interact (social sharing, subscription, call to action)
– Make sure your website is not dull with stuffy content, bad images, no navigation, lack of information,… there is a whole list to work on. I know.
– Target your audience, your niche.
– Keep it updated and speedy
– Check the health of your website with google, bing and other webtools. Google analytics being the most important one when it comes to checking your conversion rates.
– Take time to study and deepen the subject. It is not done overnight.

Some video tutorials

How to add your website on google analytics

A short tutorial

From my mailbox

‘Hi there,

My name is Paul from

I know facts and statistics can be fascinating so we recently updated one of our articles with all the latest internet statistics for 2020

How about adding it to your post as an additional info source?

What do you think?


I think it is great Paul! Added.

To YOUR success!

Fleeky one
Fleeky one
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4 thoughts on “How to improve conversion rates?”

  1. Fleeky, I really enjoy your creative short little responses on the Wealthy Affiliate Blog, but I am afraid that I have taken your fairy like presence for granted. I always try to check out the websites of the people that follow who post a blog on the website. (Is that the right way to put it?) Today I realized that I had never checked out your website so here I am. I must say that I am not disappointed; in fact I am amused and amazed by you, intrigued in fact. I found this post particularly helpful and am copying the url for future reference. Thank you for being you Fleeky. You, indeed, are a catalyst and a very creative one.

    1. Hi Teri

      Always good to read other members of the wealthy affiliate platform. So much wit and cheering up, for many. And the best part? The inspiration of so many beautiful blogs and websites that build up slowly. Glad you were surprised… still way to go doe le. Building up slowly.

      Thank you,for passing by Teri. Much appreciated. Yake care


  2. It’s fantastic that you offer hands-on, simple advice for people who want to thrive online. I’m one who’s interested in this world. I’ve recently built a website, where I’m using affiliate marketing as my primary way of becoming profitable.

    My conversion rate is not the greatest right now. I know it’ll get better with more people coming into my site. I’m going to be coming back to this site to find more tips and tools to build my business.

    Many thanks!

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Fleeky One

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