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Turn post into video

Turn post into video

Turn post into video

Before giving some insights about how to turn your post into video, some might wonder about having a blog.

And some might even wonder where do I learn how to build my own website, write my own blogs and use affiliate marketing to monetize my work?

One of the great place to learn that is the Wealthy Affiliate platform. As free member, you have access to blogs, basic training and advanced classes.

Starter membership gives you indeed the possibility to join the platform for free and to learn the basics before jumping into the real world of business. And this, for as long as you want!

Premium Membership is excellent with core training once you are ready for more.

As premium plus member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) you have access to all the blogs, training and expert classes.
It is a great asset for advanced users as well.

Just know WA is a slow get rich scheme. Not the newest light house.

Some motivating quotes

Consistent hard work leads to greatness
Intelligence is the ability to change
No prisoner wants another prisoner to escape 
(Unless they all do, of course... the herd...)
Be your own boss.
Be in control
Take the tools, road map, blueprint and apply.

Videos convert where blogs did not

There is a massive demand on YouTube… for new stuff, explanations, lessons, incentives.
The market is huge!
Be prepared, get ready!

It is important for you when it comes to rank and conversion.
Modern audiences love videos. Put them in your posts.

What comes first? Post or video?

If you have content, whether it be blogpost or video, you have the outline all ready.

Do not hesitate to strech out your strength… post or video?
The content is there!

Your website is your home. YouTube is not.
Your website is under your control and you can expand that with YouTube.
Post your blog first.

Incorporate videos in your blog.
Reviews, instructions, lessons… go to your strength.

Start building videos for you posts or vice versa.
Both are complementary. You have your outline ready

Does keyword search work on YouTube?

Results on YouTube are even better!

The Jaaxy keyword tool gathers data from google and YouTube is owned by google.
It is a great tool to help you find and use appropriate keywords for your blogs or videos.

You can use Jaaxy upgrade for both blogs and videos, if you are a website owner or agency as well.

Keep the same SEO,strategies for both blogs and videos.
There is no difference.

Try the Jaaxy Keyword Search Page and be stonished!

Keyword research and YouTube are better in real time, since many forget to do that.

Keyword research and content is creating the ranking

Once you start making a video you can go for an on screen personality or voice-over 

If you go for an on screen personality, Just be your own self and make it electric.

And if you go for a voice-over video, content is king, just like basic website with great content.

Content is converting

Talking and showing some great screens can be the best to do.
Use little steps to start with. Get slowly better and better.
Simple voice over can be enough…

Use your outline… With baby steps … add to your business.

Some facts about YouTube

  • 25 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 3 secs!
  • YouTube has a Billion of users worldwide
  • 79% of users have a YouTube account
  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google

If you are not a YouTuber yet, join there!

YouTube = massive opportunity

Do not miss it!

Thank you for likes, shares and comments !

Do you have a website?
Are you writing blogs?
Did you ever make a video?
Tell us!

Shop tip

Making videos for YouTube on amazon

Thank you for reading and sharing!

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Invest in your future & learn

Learn affiliate marketing & build your own website with an awesome community and join me there. You can be a free starter for as long as needed. It includes free hosting and basic teachings. If you are an advanced user, you may like to level up. Just have a look, and see for yourself!


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