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The cornerstones of your website

The cornerstones of your website are the frame of your showroom on the web. Make it work.
The cornerstones of your website

The cornerstones of your website

Having a great website is your showroom on the web.

You want it fancy, great looking, original and effective to work with. And … a website that converts your visitors into customers.

The cornerstones of your website are

  • A great theme
  • An easy to use web builder
  • Great working plugins. 

Great themes and theme builder

A review

One of the better providers of themes and plugins is the Thrive Themes company.

They have created business ready, conversion-focused WordPress themes, useful plugins and very original website building software. Let us have a closer look:

Although you can build your website from scratch with, you can use predefined themes, depending on your needs

An easy to use web builder is Thrive theme builder.

This web builder visually builds your website with a few clicks. No matter your experience Level .

This web builder is marketing centered and easy to use. It builds you a conversion focused website with a little drag and drops. No need of code!

Great working plugins

Thrive Architect

This architect plugin is the intuitive drag and drop WordPress Editor. A visual page builder made for business and conversion focused websites.

Theme builder

Thrive Leads

This plugin is like having your very own list-building and conversion expert!

Thrive Quiz Builder’s

This plugin helps you increase your email list, social shares, and give you data to grow your business.

Thrive Ovation

This is the set-and-forget testimonial plugin for WordPress. A way to ease the anxiety of the buyer and close the sale.

Thrive plugins
Great working plugins

Thrive comments

This plugin changes the experience of your visitor into that of an engaged audience

Thrive optimize

This plugin creates Landing Pages With simple A/B Tests.
The plugin tests faster, more often and for a crazy price

Thrive Ultimatum

this plugin allows you to build a conversion boosting campaign

Thrive apprentice

This plugin enables you to create Professional Online Courses, straight out of the box.


Does this sound good enough for you?
Why not join and become an active member?

Have a look and judge for yourself

Thrive membership pricing

Thrive University

Meet Thrive University

The Ultimate Free Online Resource for making your conversion Focused Website And Getting Unstuck

More advantages?

Thrive provides you with Outstanding tools!

Thrive Themes shows you how to grow your online business with teach methods, an outstanding blog and free Thrive University courses.

Theme Thrives is a great investment for website owners and builders.
It grows with you and helps you to scale your business.  


Are  you interested?

Make sure to read more and click the provided links.

Thanks for your visit. Enjoy

To your success! Thank you for likes, shares and comments

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