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How to achieve success when building your business

How to achieve success when building your busines. One industry. One platdorm. One daily habit.
How to achieve success when building your business

How to achieve success when building your business

Building your business resumes to three fieldso

  • Pick one industry that grows
  • Pick one platform that grows
  • Pick one habit that guarantees progress/result

In business and life you need to plan previsions, calculate and foresee some moves and actions.

How to choose your niche?

  • It has to be growing (not dying)
  • Solve a problem for people and they will spend money
  • Enjoy working on it


Today bitcoin is a growing industry
It solves the money problem
It is the fastest growing business for now
It has upgraded technology for money
It is transparent, predictable, censorship-resistant, programmable, secure

Technology in general is going forward
And is sky rocketting
Nothing can stop it

Bitcoin is better than old forms of investment
It is a new trend with no reverse
And one of the fastest growing markets

Bitcoin companies have money available for affiliate partners
  • Binance
  • partnerships
  • FTX Partnerships
  • 7 bitcoin niches
  • Exchanges
  • mMning
  • Storing
  • Education
  • Strategies to earn
  • News
  • Consulting

Once you have a growing product and niche, you need the right platform

YouTube is the 2d most popular website after google
With massive increase of channels , producers and adds

How to benefit from YouTube’s growth:

Build your own channel, not so many competitions there…
Or help others to build theirs

Now add a daily habit to an amazing growing industry and platform…

Those three will build your success

Set a measurable daily goal. Make it your habit.


Finish scripts for videos, get new topics, publish one video / day

Do you need motivation?

Visualize your goals and dreams
Make it real
Use a daily reminder with pictures or posters
Eliminate distractions!
Do not have too many hobbies
Do not fill your time with chitchat
Delegate when you can
Socializing can be too much

Practical advice

Put op a video, blog daily as priority

Evaluate the secondary effects and eliminate time, consuming comments and follow up

Reduce meetings and prioritize results

Look at the long term… not just some perspective or small commitments

2 principles to consider

The earlier you put in the work, the less you need to work in total because of compounding effect !
It applies to all aspects of your life :work, investment …

The longer you stay in the game, the easier it will be to throw results (exponential effect)

99% of results will come in second half of your career! An accelerating growth.


Pick one growing industry like bitcoin

Use a growing platform like YouTube

Build one habit or action that guarantees progress in both, like publishing a video/day

Think for your self
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