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How to sell websites

How to sell and buy websites is the new hype. But how do you do that without too much risks
How to sell and buy websites is the new hype. But how do you do that without too much risks

How to sell websites ?

How to sell and buy websites is the new hype. But how do you do that without too much risks

Do you want to buy or sell a website?
Just bookmark this blog, you might need it one day.

It all comes down to this question:
How to transfer and acquire a website.

Transferring a website is not easy and quite technical.
You can DIY or have it done for you through a broker.

It is like selling or buying a house.
With specific sellers and buyers markets. 

The selling market for websites is reaching high tops.  
It is the new money maker! 

Let us consider some pro’s and cons of the buyers side

Those who buy a website are looking for ROI.
They prefer putting money in a digital asset instead of putting money on a bank account. 

Just know it is a good business. And you can skip the sandbox.
The site you buy has aged, which will increase traffic within days.
And you can monetise your site immediately

It is less stressing. A rolling site has gone through the main building hurdles.
It is like a key on the door project. Just go for it.

All will rank soon. 

Let us consider some pro’s and cons of the sellers side

It will save you money also. Since setting up, building and maintaining a website has its own costs.  So… the money is in the exit!  Sell and take your profit!  You can use it for other purposes. 

Websites are digital assets. It is an in investment like another.

Make sure to diversify your digital assets. 

When you sell your business, make sure to document your reasons as well to the buyer. 

Will you use a broker or DIY? 

A broker is a middleman. He handles all the issues, which is easy and performs some diligence. But… it is expensive as a buyer. 

As a buyer you have a marketplace to chose from.  But… it is limited to the offer of their marketplace and prices are higher . And you have little negotiation. 

As a seller there is a market jumping on your proposal. But fees are rather crazy. So yeah… fees are expensive. 

Are you keeping the records? 

Always treat your site as if you will sell it in the future, as a business. Keep track of your profit and your loss… Always connect to google search console and google analytics . It gives an idea of traffic, backlinks. It is key to buyers… or they will move to another site. Always allow guest access to buyers so they see what is going on.

Increase the confidence of your buyer because it reduces risks. Be honest and transparant. 

It will make it all go smoother, so all can go on with their life. 

Respect non-compete agreements if they occur. It means you will not set up a similar business. 

Be as organic as possible. 

No shady backlinks, bad PBNs, low quality content either. Avoid those.

The process of transferring a website

The broker will handle that for you. 

It is on buyer to move the site. 

You can considder a broker or outsourcing.  Share documents  with logins and notes. Or use other communication services. 

And transfer money asap. A way to do that is through Escrow

Escrow process 

Escrow process
Escrow process

Escrow is a safe way to transfer money for both parties. They will transfer the money when the whole process is over. A middleman again. Less costs as a broker and it covers the risks.

Helps to protect both sides.

Never wire money to the buyer. Fraud is real. 

The inspection period takes time before you can actually use the site. 

Once all is ok, funds are transferred.. 

Just know some countries do not allow Escrow. 

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