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The Gann angles and fans

The Gann angles and fans
The Gann angles and fans

The Gann angles and fans

The Gann angles and fans
are named after William Delbert Gann.

He was a Texan born in 1878
and one of the most
mystic traders in history

He is also known as WD Gann

He was the oldest of 11 children
Raised in a poor family on a cotton-farm
As a Baptist.

He did not graduate from grammar school
nor did he attended high school
His education came from the Bible 

He just worked on the cotton family farm
And learned commodities trading
in the cotton warehouses

He started his tradercareer
working at a brokerage firm 
attending business school at night

Gann moved to New York City
to work at a Wall Street brokerage firm
And soon started his own

He made a living from financial newsletters,
Courses and his own trading methods

He became famous by his technical analysis methods

The Gann angles and fans and the Master Charts aka
Spiral Chart, Hexagon Chart, Circle of 360.

His theories are object to debate.

He was more a guru, than a trader.
Not really chasing money…

What is commodity trading?

Commodity trading focuses on investing in physical goods like cotton, coffee, corn, oil, gold, silver, wood, agricultural products, metals, and other physical commodities. The buy and sell options are driven by expected economic trend and the supply of demands. The trading involves the purchase and sale of futures contracts.

Physical and derivatives trading are also common.

What Are Gann Angles?

Gann angles are named after Gann, a 20th-century market theorist .  He used specific timie and price angles to predict the future. His theory, hower remains obscure to many, who do not understand the genius of his insights.

Gann believed the angles could predict future price movements based on geometric angles of time versus price.  
It looks like the angles in the featured image on top of this blog.

Gann believed the 45-degree angle to be the most important ones
Trends above it are strong.
Trends below it weak.

The angles are used upwards
Or downwards 
according to price movements 

Gann angles
The Gann angle known as 1:1

What are Gann fans?

Several Gann angles used together make up the Gann fan. 
They are used to predict future price movements based on geometric angles.

Some shared videos to shed some lights on the method and to help your understanding

What are Gann angles by Investor Trading Academy 

How to draw Gann angles correctly by Gannanalist trader 

How to set your Gann angles for best results by R. Gupta

Trading with Gann fanns ans other indicators by Investor Trading Academy

By knowing data from the past, GANN predicted several patterns. His method is that of a genius, not fully understood. And even doubted. Those who know how to use the angles and fanns, swear by his methods. 

Food for thought? Yes, better investigate it.  Very accurate for digital gold…

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