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Niches to consider

Niches to consider when building new websites. Online platforms can be a way to start your business success.
Niches to consider for building business success

Niches to consider

Take a step to build your business
by choosing your niche

Give up the good and go for great
That is the max!

Progress happens outside your comfort zone
Get out of your couch!

Focus on passion, not on money
That is where you find success

Do not just go after profitability
Chase your interests

What should you seek in business?

Keep it simple. Do not sit on your hands. 
Keep pushing. No matter what your business is.
Go with the flow. Change is inevitable. Adapt.
Know your limitations. Do not spread wide.
Do not get hooked by Shiny objects.
Do not sink into analytic but hooks of content
Look at your growth, your steps forward.
Focus on learning and put into work

What are the best niches to consider?

Interests are different just consider those trends

Crypto  currencies, NFT’s, alt coins (not for all)

Make Money Online and work from home

Digital learning platforms with recurring commissions

Wealthy Affiliate is the best lucrative affiliate platform when it comes to learning

To choose niches adapted to your own interests and passions.
Chase the attention of others, not just commissions.
Do not chase the dollars… chase your audience and your interests.

How to upgrade your mindset?

A positive mindset is the foundation of success.
Make a list/goals of things to learn/ do and grow
Look at what you learned, not at what you earned in the beginning
Become an expert in your own field and improve by learning and doing.
Avoid deadlines, they are killing fields.
Success is the result of consistency, preparation and action.
Appreciate your growth when looking back.
And smile... it brightens your mind and relaxes your being.
You are on a road map... stepping up.

Some keys to success for the future

  • Stick with the basics.
  • Push, grow, adapt.
  • Do not fight change, integrate new trends
  • Audiences like video… use it! Put yourself out there
  • Word on a page is different from a face or voice
  • Grow your audience through relevance and opportunities.
  • Create a story, training, … and share
  • Content is key.
  • There are no shortcuts.
Massive action = massive content

What changed over time?

Multimedia is growing!
Incorporate audio and video.

High definition, high speed and high quality are booming

Mobile is first now, after desktop.
Break up content accordingly.

Use like buttons and subscriptions

Become an influencer in your field

What is the one thing to recommend focusing on?

Is it a lesson, training, plugin? No.

Content = Key

Throw the hooks into the water… a thousand.
Do not get lost in nets, analytic… just create hooks, and hooks, and hooks.

Content = king and remains king

Stay tuned till the end and put out content.
That is the real key to success…

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