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A make money online

A make money online

A Make Money Online, also known as MMO

How to leverage a make money in an online niche
Is a question that haunts many of us

We all want to make a living
and working online
Is no other


What are the niches
and its players
And what are yours?

And how to leverage your niche
and make it successful?

One of the main players
in affiliate marketing
Is the wealthy affiliate platform

Together with classes, a vivid community
And outstanding training
you can build any niche

Two great tools in the wealthy affiliate platform
Are the jaaxy research tool
And site content

The jaaxy research tool
allows you to refine your search
And seek valuable keywords

Site content on the other hand
Is a tool that provides you
With writing solutions

Like images
Spell check

Both tools integrate perfectly well
In the wealthy affiliate
Individual dashboards
Allowing you
to row at your own pace.

Are you tempted to try this?

Make sure to watch
the provided video by Kyle
One of the founders of WA

Dress your ideas tree!

Let us analyze the MMO niche

The MMO niche is broad and vast
With many opportunities

Best is to reduce to smaller niches

Each category in a niche
Has its own questions
And solutions

Ex Forex

Seek the opportunities
By doing some research
and target your audience

Manage your ideas
Keep track of your work

Write the information down
It can be used later
As a reminder or backup note

Seek opportunities
Seek advantages
Seek solutions

Problem solving

People’s questions
Are triggers
For great answers

Help is a path
Paving trust

Products and services
will determine our content
featured items and reviews

There are a lot of how to’s
Tutorials, videos

Let us seek first
For key problems
people are having

Just make sure
they match your own passion
And expertise

Search site content
With its templates
Where you can refine
your default content

FILL IN the Site Content TEMPLATE
And niches you like

A search in google
‘Make money online’
Comes up with a lot of ideas

Navigate the internet
With random searches
revealing its golden nuggets

Keep the research ideas
They might be useful
In the future

And bookmark
Your favorite refs!

Expand upon a few of them
With questions people ask
And relevant niche keywords

You need to narrow down
you research
And be very specific

You can consult
various communities online
Like quora, q&a sites

You can expand online
Through social media
Typical Online communities

Next you better search
Some alphabet keywords
That came up

You can do the same with WA’s alphabet soup
Or jaaxy research tool

And seek
The low hanging fruits
Among keywords

And then…
write your content

Good luck.
To your success

Thank you for likes, shares and comments

Free translation from an expert class on the wealthy affiliate platform by Kyle, One of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a learning process. Take time to invest in your own learning.

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