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Affiliate marketing opportunities and saturation

Affiliate marketing opportunities and saturation. How to succeed today? Assets and pitfalls
Oh gosh

Affiliate marketing opportunities and saturation

What Is it?
Does It Affect You?
Can you avoid that?

Market saturation and consumer desensitization
are bad news for the affiliate marketeer


Affiliate marketing is a way to generate income on the internet
With saturated markets, consumers are no longer interested
And one can easily wonder if it still pays to join this giant industry

Affiliate marketing opportunities and saturation. How to succeed today? Assets and pitfalls

What is market saturation?

Affiliate Market saturation is a declining demand for a product or service. Causes of desensitization are multiple:

  • Overcrowded areas with too many distributors for that specific area will constipate the market
  • Product bombardment with always the same products or services will lead to decreasing demand and customers interest
  • Competitors in the same market segment with better and different offers will ruin your business
  • The ups and downs of hypes without consistency
Affiliate marketing opportunities and saturation. How to succeed today? Assets and pitfalls

Does it affect you?

Yes, of course.

How can you avoid it?

Better do your research
And narrow your niche
To avoid affiliate markets saturation

Seek opportunities
Recognize product potential

Identify customer demands
Their needs or problems
And your offer and solutions

Make sure the demand is consistent.
Otherwise, it can not be lucrative

Focus on a niche market!
A product or service with high demand
And low areas of sale

Avoid a product that is distributed
in hundreds of other stores
not just online but offline as well


View the saturated market as a maturing market
The market grows and ages just like you

It means the market changed
The demand has evolved

And so should your business
In order to meet those new needs

Time to implement changes
In your advertising and promotions

Time to look for new products and services
Or deepen your education

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4 thoughts on “Affiliate marketing opportunities and saturation”

  1. The online business world is truly saturated as you have mentioned, but that is the challenge we must work round to get what we want for our business. I love your suggested points in dealing with saturation, all six of them. I agree with researching into my niche and narrowing it down. Great post, thanks Fleeky. 

    1. Hi Juliet, the trick is to find a niche that is rather new and has some potential (growth) . Food, health and clothing are saturated… and yet, we all need that on a daily bases. So what can you sell? An idea… Healthy food and natural clothing … ;-)Thank you for sharingFleeky One

  2. I have a question.  How do determine that a niche has become saturated?  Everything you read today says the online sales market is growing by leaps and bounds.   I have not found sources of information that provide sales volumes for a product over a period of years.  If a person is considering affiliate marketing, before choosing a niche, they need to know whether that niche is considered or is becoming saturated.Do you have any advice. 

    1. Hi,As you point out so clearly, sales online are growing and retail shops closing. Absolutely. And every one is jumping into the market to get his or her crumb of bread. Just like retail, online shops are hard business. If that is your niche, best is to focus on local retail market in the first place.  And as you said, niche is dictating.Thank you for a pertinent remakFleeky One

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