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How to do market research on YouTube

How to do market research on YouTube ? How to find your niche? How to find and target your audience?
market research on YouTube

How to do market research on YouTube

How to do market research on YouTube before starting your own channel… ?

You better consider some important questions first

  • How to search a profitable niche?
  • How to assess the competition?
  • How to determine your ideal viewer?
  • Find your plan of attack before setting up your YouTube channel

Get it right the first time!.
Have it planned and roll it out!

How can you plan and start the foundation of your YT channel

  1. How to Choose a profitable niche?
  2. Assess the competition
  3. Determine your ideal viewer
  4. Where to talk to your audience
  5. Decide on your plan of attack

How to Choose a profitable niche?
That is the most important question.
Follow your passion would be the best advice
Riches are in the niches

Narrow your subject to one subject!
Appeal to one specific group of people
Are people interested in your Niche?

You just need 1000 people to be successful… let that sink!

Research and compare with other niches
Start your website with small niches
Promote High ticket digital (30 to 70%) or physical (10 to 20%) items

Digital products will make you more money.
Find some training… that makes you some profit
Selling a physical product is harder

High ticket versus returning

All above $250 is high ticket income
Recurring comes back all the time (20-30$/sale)


To you!

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