Buy crypto safely

Buy crypto safely

Buy crypto Safely

What is crypto?

Crypto is the new gold, with its rush for gold, scams, hackers and risky business.
It is digital cash with a very volatile and unstable market. A no go if you do not know.

Not my type of investment at all.

Just a round up and some tips

  • Never invest more than you can miss
  • The crypto market is full of volatile trends and a lot of stress
  • Beware of crypto scams and fake crypto websites
  • Do not brag on your results, if you have some
  • Use bookmarks for the right crypto sites.
  • BE concerned by the total number of emitted coins and their price.
    A place to check that is and
  • Prepare before jumping into the crypto market. 
  • Store your coins Off line!
  • Write down your login and password in a safe place. 
  • Make handwritten copies and keep the critical data.
  • Use long and strong passwords with numbers, capitals, letters and special signs.
  • Always use different passwords for different logins
  • Check your website for malware and key loggers.
  • Secure your phone with a two factor authentication method 
  • Use a unique email address for your crypto 
  • Do not use your full name
  • Use a hardware offline wallet with a key. Like Trezore. 
  • The crypto market relates to your country, the coins you want to buy and how you will pay them. Have alLook at where you can buy and deposit under different currencies. And if you do, stock throw them into a  hardware Trezore wallet.
  • In America binance us and coinbase pro are best places to buy from. Most exotic coins are on binance.

The list is long, those are the main points of attention…

Buy crypto safely
Remember, this blog is NOT a financial advice. It is rather a warning... for those unfamiliar with financial markets and crypto in particular.
Stay safe. Invest in your house first. 

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