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Emerging trends marketing

Emerging trends marketing in competition and advertising. Be ahead of the new wave
Hold the lights on!

Emerging trends marketing

Hypes as they say!
Or new waves clashing consumer shores …

Physical advertising follows trends.
Internet marketing jumps on trends.

And both want to take advantage of the market and defeat competition.
Does it make a difference? Oh yes, it does! A money flow coming from consumers. A wave you better ride where it starts.

One of the big waves today are social spaces and networks.

Everybody want to be friends, no?
And most of those networks become new goal setters with specific audiences.
No longer chit chat, videos and pictures but real stuff.
And besides your own circle of friend you reach out to the whole world.
Just beware of spam and fake profiles.

One such beautiful example is the speaking tree of India. A place where bloggers from all over the world can share their insights without having to bother about technical issues. A great example, that has no pair in the west.

People have many questions, on all subjects.
And it goes further than curiosity.
One of those is about life, life in outer space, after life… all that comes with it.

Fleeky is one of those new platforms where bloggers can talk about God.
Thinkers in the first place. Those who shape the world of tomorrow and do not shy the dialogue.

Another internet marketing trend is the use of keywords.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is another wave you better ride.
It comes with the right use of keywords. Words that describe your site, your product, your service productively. Keywords that hit the index of search engines because of their accuracy. You want to be on top-level, not down the list. OK? Just a question of quality traffic. Not just traffic. One of those great tools to refine your keywords is the jaaxy keyword tool. A must for advertisers and marketeers.

Content is king here, not a juxtaposition of keywords.
Make it human, not flashing.

Create high quality content

Taking advantage of both social networks and SEO practices is not enough You need followers, people who want to read you. Not just another dull site full of nonsense.

Quality is the new wave.

Abundance is out. Emails too… people seek their own sources.
The internet has grown up.

And remember, hits do not always convert into money.
They do on the long run.

Seek your audience.
Follow internet marketing trends to boost your hits.
It will result in more business and growing readers.

To your success


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2 thoughts on “Emerging trends marketing”

  1. I think your website is inspiring. I get so intimidated by SEO and all the plugins and technology that goes into creating a successful blog. I really like how you cut it into bite-size pieces and describe what you have learned day by day and making it all easy to understand. I think it is so cool that you use so many mediums, journaling, poetry, artwork, videos with a ton of useful information all in the pursuit of spreading knowledge. Thank you for helping to make a complicated subject, clearer. I will be back to check on more tips and advice on how to proceed in the web world in the future.

    1. Oooh…. so glad you catched the core of my intention with this website. Yes SEO is very intimidating. And a site needs time to mature and refine before it becomes operational. It took me years of sweat, trials and errors… with no help. Making mistakes and correcting them. Leaving the blabla and trying to stick to what really matters in the hope it will last. Being creative, I just wanted to give a new swing to very dull stuff with as much media as possible. Playing many levels indeed. And hoping people like IT…Thank you for telling me.PS : Upgrades and updates are a real pain… always backup…

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