5th day: seo and image optimization

That sounds a bit tricky!

But what is it?

The all in one seo plugin

This plugin is used for search engine optimization.

After activating the plugin,  run through the settings of the plugin. Not easy going. Adding your data for google and bing is the most important here. Just like setting sitemap and activating all the extra’s.

A detailed guide

The Image optimiser plugin

The eww image optimize plugin is used to improve the speed of your site and the loading of your pages  and posts.
After activating and updating the plugin, run through all the settings. And optimize all the images.

A detailed guide

Other plugins

Those can only beinstalled with a  premium membership (promo)  This is a serious bonus for advanced users.

What is next?

Once seo and image optimisation plugins are up and running, it is time to edit media, posts and pages to see if all the seo settings are filled in.

Important note for newbies

The 7 days are made for webmasters. If you are not, you will struggle with learning wordpress, settings and plugins. Do not be discouraged. It is a symbolic 7 days.

For some it can become 7 weeks, 7 months and even 7 years. It takes time to learn. Know the free membership of WA (try for free)  is not bound in time. Furthermore you have basic guidance  and a step by step guide. It is awesome.

Important note for advanced users

Along the road, I feel the pressure to upgrade to premium.


Being a webmaster  and knowing the costs, WA (wealthy Affiliates) is the best so far for those who want to learn by doing.

Fleeky one

Greatness translates in simplicity, remember…

Take time to learnInvest in your future

Build your own website and learn affiliate marketing

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