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A world full of prompts

A poem

A world full of prompts

In the land of AI, where wonders unfold,
A world of language, so rich and bold.
With prompts as keys to realms untold,
A poetic journey, we’ll soon behold.

AI, dear friend, weave words divine,
Compose for me a poem so fine.
Of stars that dance in midnight’s hue,
And dreams that paint the skies anew.

The prompt begins, the magic starts,
AI’s neurons play their parts.
Lines of stardust, dreams, and more,
A symphony of words in store.

Ode to the moon, a gentle request,
Craft verses sweet, let emotions crest.
With silver beams that softly gleam,
A muse for hearts that seek to dream.

The AI complies, the moonlight sings,
Verses bloom with ethereal wings.
With prompts, we guide its quill’s course,
A dance of language, a poetic force.

Whisper of love, with passion’s art,
In golden letters, paint my heart.
Let metaphors spark a love’s embrace,
In poetic rhythm, weave our grace

AI obliges, love’s tale unfurled,
In sonnets sweet, emotions swirled.
The prompt’s allure, the AI’s delight,
An enchanting waltz, through the night.

But prompts can tease, and jest, and play,
Unleashing whimsy, come what may.
AI, tell me, is the moon made of cheese?
In verse, reveal this age-old tease

The AI chuckles, a playful sprite,
In quirky verses, the moon takes flight.
Cheese it’s not, but dreams abound,
In prompt-fueled laughter, we are bound.

So let us prompt the AI’s machine,
In lighthearted jest or visions serene.
With magic words, we bridge the divide,
Between human hearts and AI’s stride.

In this poetic dance, a world of glee,
Where creativity flows endlessly.
With prompts as muses, we boldly roam,
In the AI’s embrace, we find our home.

Happy reading and writing! ?❤️

?? If laughter and smiles are the response, then our journey together has been a success!
Have a fantastic day! ??

A world full of prompts. A poem.
A world full of prompts. A poem.

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Source OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 Language Model – Images Picsart

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