What is the Deep Dark Web

What is the deep dark web
Spiders dragging you into their web

What is the Deep Dark Web?

Before going on we need to distinct between deep and dark web.
They are not the same.
And wonder what their use is in real worlds.

Some definitions first

The surface web is the web we use daily, crawled and indexed by search engines.

The deep web is hidden, not part of the surface web.
In fact, it gathers all the pages not indexed by search engines

  • Website under construction
  • Archives no longer indexed
  • Unlinked content (without back links)

(A back link is when you put a link to another website on your website.)

In other words, any type of content is found on the deep web.

As such the deep web is not legal and not accessible. Some activities are legal however.
Deep web is a huge library with lots of books and information
The deep web is not the dark web.

The dark web is the bad deep web. Do not get lost there.
It is only a small part of deep web.

What is the deep dark web

Some caution!

Search is not indexed on the deep web… it can not be googled… nor searched.
There are other marketplaces than on the surface web, legal and illegal ones.
The difference is there is no indexation.
The deep web needs special software to access it (like TOR).
All pages are .onion formats, unable to access on regular search engines.

The type of information are encrypted documents, legal anonymous market places and also complete illegal networks… You need specific URL to access the information.

On the deep web everything is anonymous, the dark web is only a small part of the internet

How to use Deep web for legal and good purposes

The deep web has a lot of interesting not indexed stuff by google and search engines
How to use them for legal purpose.
The basics of the deep web is anonymous surfing.
People want privacy whilst browsing without being traced.

On the deep web, you are not tracked.
And have access to all kind of stuff.
It also gives access to censored content by countries.
It gives insight in what governments want to hide or suppress

As such the deep web gathers massive information of libraries and books from all countries...

Most information is on the deep web (95%) … good and bad… just know how to look for your information without censorship. Filter your information, scientific, history, library and books of all kind… to find what you are looking for.

What is the deep dark Web

True/false statements about the deep web

  • Dark web is big. No. Deep web is big. Dark web is a very small part of deep web (5%).
  • Deep web is illegal. No… as such deep web is not illegal, the stuff or services can be.
  • Deep web is anonymous browsing by using the appropriate software to access it. Yes, but… you can still be tracked
  • Deep web is used by Mafia… Not really if you know how to consult it and are searching information no longer on the surface web. People on surface web will be more attacked…
  • Deep web is hard to access. No. What is hard is searching and finding the right sites, browsing the good part of the deep web and avoiding the bad dark ones

Browsers, security, navigation, anonymous navigation, some basics

To access the deep web, you need a search engine like TOR or special software like TRAIL. Both are open source projects where everybody can contribute, enabling anonymous communication. There are others… just naming the most known.

TOR browser works on the .onion network. It sends a request to the servers concerned and hides your IP address.
TOR focuses on anonymously. It is not illegal to use it. TOR security uses data encryption to protect your anonymity and works like an onion, with several layers

Just know, all can be traced, even on TOR browser.

Some advice

Be careful when using plugins.
Do not download them… no need to add to TOR, it is complete on its own.
Close all your apps connected to internet before using TOR.
Do not maximize the size of your window. Leave it as is
Never download docs or movies on the deep web. Virus and malware all around.
Do not open mails or attachments on mail from TOR either.
Do not play around on the deep web, just visit what you know.
Do not make your searches on the deep web!

What is the deep dark Web

Some common questions

Is it possible to be anonymous online.

No… all can be tracked and hacked

Why do people want to be anonymous?

People want no spies, or access to censored sites like Facebook in certain countries, …

VPN versus TOR?

VPN is faster with own servers.

TOR is much slower, reliable and free. It is powered by many volunteers.

Do not add VPN to TOR

Download the TOR browser and set it up
Choose your platform
It loads slowly… because of the nodds
It looks like Mozilla

You can Use add-ons like

  • HTTPS everywhere
  • No JavaScript (increases your protection)

Is there an alternative to TOR?

Yes plenty, just to name a few

  • Freenet, peer to peer, works well
  • Tails, works with TOR and is free
  • I2P, invisible internet project, anonymous layer

All legal and work well.

There are many apps available also for iPhone and tablets.

What is the deep dark Web

Security levels

You can set up TOR as a normal browser, it just takes longer to load
Always decide where you want to safe your files, never download from deep web

Standard security setting are mostly used on the surface web.

On deep web you need to be more cautious.

  • Check your updates
  • Cookie data are deleted when browser is closed
  • No password saved
  • Always use private browsing
  • Always block request or notification
  • Block all popup, add-ons, …
  • Disable java scrips and https
  • Video, will be click to play
  • All scripts blocked is most safe
  • Block all dangerous content
  • Ask certificates

Duckduckgo is a TOR anonymous search engine

There is also an onion version for the deep web

What are Safe sites on the Deep web

To access the deep web safely use the hidden wiki with categories

There are blogs, email servers, social network,
SEC mail, an email service, simple to set up
forums and chat box

Another popular software for deep web is TAILS

TAILS is a complete open source operating system .
It helps you hide your identity from trackers and stay anonymous.
It runs directly on any computer. You set it up once… It can also be set up on a virtual machine
It is not hard to set up. Just follow the steps.

If the hardware of your computer is compromised, TAILS will be as well.

What is the deep dark Web

How to pay on the deep web

A warning:
Never put credit card or other financial data on deep web.

Cryptomoney is used for purchase since it is an anonymous way of paying .
Cryptocurrency = Internet based medium of exchange

Adds anonymity to payment
Is not controlled by any central authority…
Keeps your transactions secure.No one will know that you bought those products or services.
It is completely anonymous.Hard to trace since it runs on blockchain technology.

It is like buying digital cash…

The block chain makes it secure and safe from hackers.
The only risk is to buy cryptomoney since it is very volatile

How do we buy cryptos?

Buy cryptos and store them on your desktop with the help of a wallet.
Most used wallets are coin base and block chain. Both useful and easy to use.
Better use hardware wallets instead.

On coin base you can buy and sell in real time.
It is stored there, in your portfolio

Bitcoin is most used on deep web, just like etherium
You can trade your cryptos and get a commission for referring friends…

Coin base is both a wallet and a trade place.

Blockchain is the next one to use.
Create your account
This platform is for buying and selling cryptos
with public and private keys

Only use public keys on the web.

Same goes when you buy products online
You can also exchange cryptocurrencies.
Very simple to use … you have your wallet and are able to buy on the deep web.

How to buy on the marketplaces of the deep web

First you need to find websites that are trustful.
Better use deep web for libraries, not for buying.
Better buy on the surface web.

Go to hidden wiki and search commercial sites and services …
or seek lists like onion list. That gives a lot of interesting things.

Important tips

  • Do not buy on the dark web. Do NOT!
  • Just use it for information
  • Sellers and products are often not legit…l
  • Remain careful and cautious…
  • Just look at it for fun.
  • Navigate anonymously.
  • Use the tor browser or tails operating system
What is the deep dark Web

Dangers of the deep net

  • Besides good stuff like libraries, you will see things you do not want to see.
  • Beware of viruses and malware. Be very careful.
  • Stay away of certain websites and do not click on links without knowing the websites.
  • Be careful with people you are dealing with.
  • Do not click links

Dark web is lots of websites together, but more dangerous because of bad people on it

How to stay safe on deep web

Same as on surface web

Just do not click links
Do not click sites, you do not know
Beware of people on forums
Never enter your information, NEVER
Be careful of scams, shiny objects and money lies

Always stay, on max safety level of your browser

  • Give no access to your computer.
  • Protect your identity
  • Never go on deep web With cams…
  • Remain safe and prudent, there is no censor.

For some countries, the deep web is the only way to access information censored by some regimes.

Use TOR, TAILS and a safe hardware wallet for your cryptomoney!

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Hope this helped a little for a better understanding of the web. What is yours? Did you ever surf the deep web or buy there? Your experience with crypto?

For most of us the most safe is to stay on the standard web, do some learning and build our own website!

Follow the road to succes through regular work…

Take time to learnInvest in your future

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