The road to success

On the road to success
we always have a choice

Luck is garbagge
Work smarter

Money is a tool
A servant
Not a master

Patience is not speculation
The time-tool
Is a valuable measure

Avoid addiction
Avoid debt
Avoid court

Create added value

Fleeky one

Be happy
Make happy

Keep the flow

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A catalyst makes things happen! Creative and humorous. The web is not a dull place. Imagination and fantasy have their own touch. My advice: Be original. Never copy others. Share experience. Good luck.

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2 Thoughts to “The road to success”

  1. Hey Fleeky, I like this site very much. It has all the information I need and it’s creatively written and presented. Lots of smiles too and it’s a great GoTo resource. Thank you

    1. Thank you Steve… you helped me a lot!

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