Is Wealthy affiliate a scam?


Today I want to discuss the wealthy affiliate platform.

An awesome, outstanding affiliated platform for webbuilders, bloggers and solopreneurs like YOU.

What are their assets? Judge for yourself.

They offer:

  • – A free membership to try out
    – a wordpress website builder
    – keyword research tools
    – live video classes
    – training teaching you how to make money with your site
    – authoring and content tools
    – website development classrooms

Look at any item individually!
It is likely being sold elsewhere for MORE and BY ITSELF!

Besides that you ‘ll find

  • – A live chat website
    – 24/7 support
    – premium monitoring
    – state of the art cloud hosting
    – low density shared hosting
    – ultimate redundancy…

Hosting, training, websites, support… are all offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

Stuff that even the most reputable hosts are not offering.

The terms of website service by wealthy affiliates stands out!

  • – quality, unlimited hosting
    – internet marketing training
    – 24/7 website support
    – unlimited access
    – access to website experts
    – 1-on-1 help
    – research tools
    – And much more

(Even WordPress [dot] com does not offer these. Just one free website, and to get more, you have to upgrade without access to the real stuff.)

You can target all niches

  • – Internet marketing/make money niche or products
    – hosting and websites
    – keyword tool /research
    – free website builder
    – local marketing
    – authoring tools
    – wordpress
    – Hobby and entertainment
    – Webshops
    – …. just name it

The opportunities are endless


My answer is no, wealthy affiliate (WA) is NOT a scam

WA stands out. You will NOT find better.

Join for free (Click the link).
And see for yourself.



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A catalyst makes things happen! Creative and humorous. The web is not a dull place. Imagination and fantasy have their own touch.My advice: Be original. Never copy others. Share experience. Good luck.

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6 Thoughts to “Is Wealthy affiliate a scam?”

  1. Fadi

    Thank you for sharing this post. There are lots of scams that out there on the internet, these scams is taking advantage of people’s situations. Wealthy affiliate is indeed a platform where one can learn a lot and put it into action. I believe it is one of the most legitimate platforms out there.

    1. Fleeky

      Yes Fadi… absolutzly!
      A great place to learn and to share with others seeking their way into the highway…

      Thank you for passing by.

  2. Martin

    Hello Fleeky, I would like to know more about how the platform is built and what features it has before I start.
    Maybe you could also tell me what time horizon I can have on making a business on Wealthy Affiliate?
    Otherwise a good and funny article!
    Thank you very much.

    1. Fleeky

      Hi Martin, 

      Thank you for asking

      Affiliate marketing is definitely not one shot. 

      It takes endurance, time, patience and the will to learn and … earn. 

      The wealthy affiliate platform is exceptional in this:

      1. it offers a free trial with free hosting, 

      2. a wowing education panel 

      3. and a chilling community, ready to answer your questions and cheer you up. 

      Before launching your site, it is important to sit back and reflect if this is what you want. 

      The free trial gives you plenty of time to learn the basics at your own pace.

      And once you have decided to fly off, you have the best technical support to help you with technical issues.

      This is unique. 

      A great place for starters!

      Advanced users however might feel trapped, since the technical issues are handled by a support team.

      Wishing you luck in all your endeavors.

      Thank you for passing by.

  3. Hello, Fleekly. First of all, this is a really unique website. It is very easy to feel comfortable here and I am sure you will help individuals with there online endeavors for many years to come.

    Secondly, I am a fellow WA member and I can vouch for everything you have said here. The 1 on 1 support (that you mentioned) is incredible and it is hands down the best education I have ever had.

    Thank you for sharing your article with the world. All the information here is exactly what people who are interested in starting a career online should be reading.

    Don’t be hesitant to check out WA folks! it is truly amazing. 🙂 Trust Fleekly!

    1. Hi Darcy

      You are a wonderful friend!
      Thank you for endorsing my statements.

      YES wealthy affiliate is accessible to all those who want to learn with the support of a tremendous community…
      And that without having any previous knowledge.

      For those who want to invest in their own future and take time for that a real must!

      Thank you!

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