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AI-powered plugins

AI powered plugins like Jetpack, Hugging Face, MyCurator Content Curation, Personalizer
AI powered plugins like Jetpack, Hugging Face, MyCurator Content Curation, Personalizer

AI-powered plugins ?

There are AI-powered plugins available for WordPress that use artificial intelligence to improve various aspects of a website, such as search functionality, content recommendations, and chatbots. Here are a few examples

  • Jetpack

Jetpack is a popular plugin that includes a suite of features to enhance a WordPress site. One of these features is an AI-powered search function that provides users with more relevant search results.

  • Hugging Face

The Hugging Face WordPress Plugin is an open-source plugin that uses artificial intelligence to create a chatbot for your website. The chatbot can help visitors navigate your site and find the information they need.

  • MyCurator Content Curation

MyCurator Content Curation is a plugin that uses AI to find and curate content from around the web based on keywords you specify. This can save you time and effort in finding relevant content for your website.

  • Personalizer

Personalizer is an AI-powered plugin that provides personalized content recommendations to website visitors based on their interests and behavior. This can help improve engagement and conversions on your site.

Your favorite AI powered plugins for Worspress

Source OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 Language Model – Images Picsart

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