The golden road track

The golden road track!

Testing is a painful process. With many ups and downs. Keep the road… Stay on track in your search for success And leave scams for what they are: a lie!

Best themes

What is the best theme?

What is the best theme? Well, there are many themes Some of them for free Most of them with subscription What is the difference? The paid versions do target the

reflective gold cubes.

The reflective gold

The reflective gold Gold reflects infrared light The light you don’t see Its molecules vibrate faster and become heat Gold is a malleable heat shield A very thin shield It

Good to know

Use of page

In WordPress Page is different from Post It will stay in one place and show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page

Gold nuggets

Find affiliates and merchants

Where to find affiliates and merchants Affiliate marketing Has two sides Just like every coin The affiliates And The merchants A market place   Join sellers/buyers platforms Affiliates, find a sponsor

Golden Cut Spiral

The golden ratio

The golden ratio Phi A greek letter A number 1,618 Unique properties Unique proportions In art, design Mathematics, geometry The whole universe Is build on it A golden number Represented

Golden spaceship

The quest for gold

Given the exceptional Properties of gold Could it be that Beings of another planet Came to extract our gold In Sumer Eridu was established “Home in the Faraway” Could it

Stacks of gold bars

What does gold mean?

What does gold mean? It means Metal Color Coin Precious It also means Wealth Numbers Aureole Worthy It always refers To exceptional value   It is also a way of

The perfect gold

The perfect gold

The perfect gold The gold stater An ancient Greek coin Minted all over Europe Of Macedonian origin The 28-drachma kyzikenoi from Cyzicus Celtic tribes Have copied them And minted their

Financial forex chart

Cybermonday at forex mentor

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