The quest for gold

Golden spaceship
Golden spaceship

The quest for gold

The quest for gold is of all times.

In antiquity gold is not only treasured, it is used as money.

Today, it is used in jewels, and highly recommended as investment.

But when and how to buy gold as investment?

You can buy gold through your bank, a broker or specialised traders.

Best is not to buy gold all at once, but to build up your investment.

A little bit every month.

A nice saving for old days.


ADA compliant

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Invest in gold and silver as a solid alternative.

The quest for gold
The quest for gold

A Poem

Given the exceptional
Properties of gold
Could it be that
Beings of another planet
Came to extract our gold

In Sumer
Eridu was established
“Home in the Faraway”

Could it be that
Those beings interfered
in our genetic systems
To create workers
To their liking

In Sumer
Those foreign creatures
Proclaimed to be gods

Could it be that
Those gods mentioned
in our scriptures
Granting mankind with civilizations
And worship are the same

Planting the seeds
For future warship?

©️ mlaure

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