What is the best theme?

What is the best theme
Best of the Best.

What is the best theme?

Well, there are many themes

Some of them for free
Most of them with subscription

What is the difference?

The paid versions do target the professionals

The free versions are mostly light versions
Less complicated, without e-commerce

What would be the best theme?

The best free theme is mostly
The latest wordpress theme

And paid versions come in categories
For blogging, e-commerce, photographs Etc.
Many of those paid versions have a light version for free

Just try it out according to your needs.

My choice?

After checking a lot of themes
I have come to like the divi themes

Depending on what you need
the divi theme offers several solutions
Even a basic theme

So divi theme has become my golden theme
But again, only for advanced users and users of desktops!

Shop themes and mobile

Another great shop, that is more userfriendly and accomodates well on mobile devices are the mythemeshop themes! And furthermore it offers free versions…

Shop tips

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