The land of Gold

ancient Meroe pyramids in a desert in Sudan
ancient Meroe pyramids in a desert in Sudan

The land of Gold

Nub = gold,
In old Egyptian Language

Nubia = The land of Gold
In the southernmost part of Egypt

I entrust you to the land of Gold

Physical gold
Psychical gold
Spiritual gold

I entrust you to the land of Gold

May you prosper
Be happy
And blessed by Divine

I entrust you to the land of Gold

The One
Subtle energy



Dedicated to dr. Sayed and dr Ibrahim Karim
Egyptian scientists and pioneers
In the field of biogeometry


A video

Inrhim Karim – Biogeometry


For more

The nubian culture and origins of menkind


Tours to Petra (Jordan)

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A catalyst makes things happen! Creative and humorous. The web is not a dull place. Imagination and fantasy have their own touch. My advice: Be original. Never copy others. Share experience. Good luck.

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14 Thoughts to “The land of Gold”

  1. Jessie

    This is a very beautifully written post!  I enjoyed reading it a lot, and it helps bring my mind to what is important, and that physical gold (material possessions) is not everything in this world.  We have to remember that spiritual gold and psychical gold is also important!  Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

    1. Fleeky One

      Gold has many forms and comes in many ways… for the ancients it was the perfect metal… 

      thank you for liking!

  2. Benny

    hello, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. such a beautiful theme, the land of Gold. it was relating to egypt precisely nubia, but i wonder if it actually has to do with another place entirely or the benefits of been an affiliate? i would like to know

    1. Nuggets

      The land of gold is a metaphor …. it can relate to all values, situations, work…

      Thank you Benny

  3. ronnytan

    Thank you for the post! I can feel the emotions what you write here.

    Gold is one of the precious and rare metals.

    Many people like him because he is rare.

    The price to have it is also expensive, because he is rare.

    You are a rare one! So you have an expensive price, great value and many people like you.

    Thank you for your writing. And I also want to reward you:

    “I entrust you to the land of Gold”

    You are the Gold!

    1. Fleeky One

      You are the gold!

      I entrust you to the land of Gold!

      Thank you

  4. Rodarrick

    Wow! Getting your message was not totally easy but when I finally deciphered the information being passed in here, I must confess that I fancy it a lot. Thank you for sharing this here. The land of gold is not just like that of the old days but it is strictly about the present days and the ones that can take through wealthy affiliate that you are thrusting to us all would reach the land of gold. Wow! Thanks for sharing this here.

    1. Fleeky One

      You are very smart!

  5. KingAndrea

    Its very interesting to read through this article, the title is captivating and I love the way you’ve chosen right words to pass the message. I love the land of gold, as it is known that gold isn’t something so easy to get, it requires a lot of hardwork to dig it out. It is nice to have come across this article, i wish to see more of it.

    1. Fleeky One

      Hi dear one… you are the gold, molded in divine hands… and so is all you do…

      Take care!

  6. Benson

    I love the simplicity of this post and so much can be ascribed into this master piece which you have given here. One thing i live Is the allusion on Egypt in this post which is a well known place for its gold in the old time. Working hard have been a reason why this people and places were known in the olden days. I love the aspect where you said “May you prosper,Be happy And blessed by Divine…”. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Fleeky One

      Gold was seen as a blessing… a divine reward from gods and men… and in ancient times the result of  craftmanship… 

      i entrust you to the land of Gold…

  7. DorcasW

    Hi Fleeky; I have read your article The Land Of Gold. It is short and spicy yet it holds a lot of detailed information on Gold.
    You are saying that: The Nuggets, can be found through the effort of hard work? The miners mine.

    Are you giving the advice, that with Wealthy Affiliate Training in Online marketing. Those who take the training and build their business can reach the land of Gold?


    1. Nuggets


      In ancient times the Land of Gold was Nubia… Nubia means gold… hard work indeed and not always rewarding…

      I am so glad you picked up the essence of my message… without having to explain it. That touched my heart. Thank you for telling me…


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