The land of Gold

The land of Gold

Nub = gold,
In old Egyptian Language

Nubia = The land of Gold
In the southernmost part of Egypt

I entrust you to the land of Gold

Physical gold
Psychical gold
Spiritual gold

I entrust you to the land of Gold

May you prosper
Be happy
And blessed by Divine

I entrust you to the land of Gold

The One
Subtle energy



Dedicated to dr. Sayed and dr Ibrahim Karim
Egyptian scientists and pioneers
In the field of biogeometry


A video

Inrhim Karim – Biogeometry


For more

The nubian culture and origins of menkind



Tours to Petra (Jordan)


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2 Thoughts to “The land of Gold”

  1. DorcasW

    Hi Fleeky; I have read your article The Land Of Gold. It is short and spicy yet it holds a lot of detailed information on Gold.
    You are saying that: The Nuggets, can be found through the effort of hard work? The miners mine.

    Are you giving the advice, that with Wealthy Affiliate Training in Online marketing. Those who take the training and build their business can reach the land of Gold?


    1. Nuggets


      In ancient times the Land of Gold was Nubia… Nubia means gold… hard work indeed and not always rewarding…

      I am so glad you picked up the essence of my message… without having to explain it. That touched my heart. Thank you for telling me…


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