How to monetize my website or blog?

How to monetize my website or blog? THE eternal recurring question! You can do so by following some steps.

1. add affiliated links from other companies.

Or join affiliated companies and platforms like wealthy affiliates

2. Sell your own product or service
3. Build up your own list, ask people to subscribe.

(Mailchimp is free up to 2000 subscribers and is a proven tool that works on all devices)

4. Add your link and ask readers to contribute to your efforts. 

Some tips

  • Those who succeed with bol (business on line) are few….
  • Do not put your eggs in one basket alone…
  • Be ready to learn and put effort in it.
  • Know this is the future of business… all over the globe
  • Make your goals, be productive, seek improvement, learn.

Some follow

Post links on your social account and your official pages of Facebook . Follow others at your liking

Some warning

  • I discourage you to start your own website without the necessary background or backup. It has become an olympic game…. and rather costly. Click here for a free website builder to test if this suits you…
  • Beware the crooks of all kind, asking lots of money for wind.

Some advice

  • If stuck let me know.
  • Remember, the power is in the posting.
  • Use the social media buttons .
  • It takes commitment
  • It is the first step that is the most difficult one…
  • and most of the time you will feel like a solopreneur (working alone at home)

Take care


Fleeky one


PS! is a great place if you want to become an online teacher. It gives the right canvas.


Going for more

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A catalyst makes things happen! Creative and humorous. The web is not a dull place. Imagination and fantasy have their own touch. My advice: Be original. Never copy others. Share experience. Good luck.

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2 Thoughts to “How to monetize my website or blog?”

  1. HappyB

    Hi Fleeky One. You certainly believe in brevity.
    An interesting approach to a really important question.
    You are certainly right that this is the way business will be done, now and increasingly in the future.
    How do you see getting traffic to a site which is just for information and not for money? Is it using the same techniques?
    I have read through your site twice and you have certainly listed the important issues. thanks again.

    1. Fleeky

      YES… too much blabla is very tiring indeed… especially when you do not have much time. Just trying to bring the essence, and those who want more can try for themselves. Glad you liked that!

      You touched the core of business: products, blogs, services or information. But that is not enough to last. Too  much scams and easy money stories are poisoning the real stuff. Not always easy to find when you build up your niche. And no matter your choice, your success will be build on work and trust. There is no shortcut. 

      And yes, it is hard to monetize an informative site unless you provide some related banners and links with reliable adds. Which I will add soon… together with my future blogs. Thank you for encouraging me in my choice… touched me a lot

      Stay tuned …



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