Gold rush – digging for gold

Gold rush and gold fever
Gold rush and Gold fever

Gold Rush – Digging for gold

Time for some history and facts.

Definition of gold rush

A new discovery of gold brings a rush of miners digging for gold. All seeking their place and fortune. A take and grab feeling pushig them forth.

However, gold mining was seldom profitable for diggers and mine owners. Those who made fortunes were the merchants and transportation facilities.

History of gold rush

Migration, trade, colonization has its own myths.
The goldmines of Solomon being the most famous ones in history. Nobody knows where they were. Stories go in Africa, that “Slomo” issues from the old “golden tribe”… those who knew where the gold was. And who would rather die than betray the secret…

Today the goldmines of Transvaal, South Africa are the most famous ones.

And the results?

Gold: the dream of a single individual, a solopreneur seeking instant abundant wealth. Leading to massive displacement, new settlements.

The most famous goldrushes are the American and Australian rushes. Feeding the golden standard on which economy was based.

Very often a fata morgana… many ended up more poor. The digging was hard, labor intensive. Mines were stinky and dangerous. The law of the strongest all around. Sickness, accidents occured and leaved many empty handed.

Secrets of digging and mining were shared amongst companions. The business was and remains risky.

When gold was no longer the financial standard, it lost its glitter.

In short

Not the gold,
but all the glitter around attrackts.

Those who feed the dream
are filling their pockets.

And the diggers who succeed
are rare.

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