What is the best marketing strategy for starters on Youtube

What is the best marketing strategy for starters on youtube
What is the best marketing strategy for starters on youtube

What is the best marketing strategy for starters on Youtube

As a beginner on YouTube, there are several strategies you can use to effectively market your content and grow your audience:

  1. Optimize your videos for search: Make sure to use keywords in your video titles and descriptions to help people find your content when searching for topics related to your niche.
  2. Engage with your audience: Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and engage with your viewers. This can help you build a loyal community and increase the visibility of your videos through user engagement signals.
  3. Collaborate with other YouTubers: Partnering with other creators can help you reach new audiences and tap into existing ones. You can collaborate on videos, cross-promote each other’s channels, or participate in joint Q&A sessions.
  4. Promote your channel on other platforms: Utilize other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote your channel and reach a wider audience.
  5. Consistency is key: Aim to upload videos on a regular schedule, whether that’s once a week or twice a month. This helps you build an audience that comes back to your channel on a regular basis.
  6. Use eye-catching thumbnails: Create attention-grabbing video thumbnails that accurately reflect the content of your video. This can help increase the click-through rate to your videos.
  7. Leverage the power of annotations and end screens: Use annotations and end screens to promote your other videos and encourage people to subscribe to your channel.
Remember, building a successful YouTube channel takes time, effort, and patience. By following these strategies and continuously experimenting and improving, you can gradually grow your audience and establish your brand on the platform.

Best free course online that tells you how to post on youtube

There are several free online courses that can help you learn how to post on YouTube:

  • YouTube’s Creator Academy: This is a comprehensive resource offered by YouTube itself. It covers topics such as video creation, optimization, and audience growth.
  • Skillshare: Skillshare is a platform that offers a wide range of creative and technical classes, including several on YouTube. The courses are taught by experienced creators and provide step-by-step guidance on everything from setting up your channel to promoting your videos.
  • Coursera: Coursera is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform that offers courses from top universities and institutions around the world. You can find several courses related to digital marketing and video creation on the platform, including some that focus specifically on YouTube.
  • Udemy: Udemy is another online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses, including several on YouTube. The courses on Udemy are taught by experienced instructors and cover topics such as video optimization, channel management, and audience growth.
These free online courses can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to start posting videos on YouTube and grow your channel. Just keep in mind that while they are a great starting point, they may not cover every aspect of YouTube and video creation in-depth. If you're serious about building a successful channel, you may also want to consider investing in additional resources such as books, paid courses, or one-on-one coaching.

10 Most successfull channels on youtube

As of my training data cut off in 2021, the 10 most successful YouTube channels based on subscribers were:

  • T-Series (Bollywood music videos)
  • Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes
  • PewDiePie (gaming and commentary)
  • SET India (Bollywood entertainment)
  • Vlad and Niki (kids’ entertainment)
  • Dude Perfect (sports trick shots)
  • MrBeast (challenges, stunts, and philanthropy)
  • HolaSoyGerman (Spanish-language comedy)
  • WWE (professional wrestling)
  • Zack King (magic and illusions)
It's important to note that this list is constantly changing as channels gain and lose subscribers. The success of a YouTube channel depends on many factors, including the quality and consistency of the content, the audience engagement, and the marketing and promotional efforts of the creators

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