What is a safe investment

What is a safe investment?

Earning money is difficult
Spending money is not difficult
Spending money wisely is difficult

It takes time to do some research
On quality and price of investments
To compare results and
To make a choice

Some of us go for savings
and commodities

Others will buy assets
Or precious metals

A monthly investment
In precious metals
Is a good choice
As a long run investment

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Gold is a safeguard in uncertain times
A long term security and investment
And buying monthly means spreading risks

GMRGold has experience, knowledge, and resources
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2 Thoughts to “What is a safe investment”

  1. Ciara

    This is an interesting article. 

    I would like to know more about this. Do you have another post about detailed investing? What are your recommendations for investing? Do you also discuss stock or retirement funds too? If you provide me with a bit more information, I think I would be eager to learn and grow within this.

    I think everyone is itching to know more about this investment opportunity!

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Nuggets

      Hi Ciara! Thank you.

      Money is a bad master and a great servant

      As you pointed out so well, we need to be parcimonous in our spending and investing. 

      We all do wonder how to invest wisely. Warren Buffet is a great example and advisor. A sure guide. You can try to read his books on investment. A real bestseller in the top 200 for years now.

      I hope to answer your questions more in detail in the near future, through new blogs. Thank you for asking!

      As for now, invest in your future. Read good books. Seek and buy a good home. Do not spent gigly. And stick to good stock. Stay away from easy money or promises… they seldom fullfil. And take time to do your own research. No intuitive buys.

      Have a fruitful day!


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