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Design a database schema for an online merch store

Design a database schema for an online merch store. Entities and takes
Design a database schema for an online merch store.

Design a database schema for an online merch store

Designing a database schema for an online merch store requires careful consideration of the various components and entities involved in such a system. Below, I’ll provide a high-level overview of the database schema along with explanations of the tables and their relationships. Keep in mind that this is a simplified example, and a real-world implementation might require additional tables and fields based on specific requirements.

Entities and Tables

  • Users Table

This table stores information about registered users.

FieldData TypeDescription
UserIDINTPrimary Key, Auto-increment
UsernameVARCHAR(50)Unique, User’s username
PasswordVARCHAR(255)Hashed password
EmailVARCHAR(100)User’s email address
FirstNameVARCHAR(50)User’s first name
LastNameVARCHAR(50)User’s last name
RegistrationDateTIMESTAMPDate of registration
  • Products Table

This table stores information about the products available for sale.

FieldData TypeDescription
ProductIDINTPrimary Key, Auto-increment
NameVARCHAR(100)Product name
DescriptionTEXTProduct description
PriceDECIMAL(10, 2)Product price
StockQuantityINTAvailable stock quantity
CategoryIDINTForeign Key to Categories
CreatedAtTIMESTAMPDate of product creation
  • Categories Table

This table defines product categories.

FieldData TypeDescription
CategoryIDINTPrimary Key, Auto-increment
NameVARCHAR(50)Category name
  • Orders Table

This table stores information about customer orders.

FieldData TypeDescription
OrderIDINTPrimary Key, Auto-increment
UserIDINTForeign Key to Users
OrderDateTIMESTAMPDate and time of the order
TotalAmountDECIMAL(10, 2)Total order amount
StatusVARCHAR(20)Order status (e.g., “Pending”, “Shipped”)
  • OrderDetails Table

This table contains details of individual products within an order.

FieldData TypeDescription
OrderDetailIDINTPrimary Key, Auto-increment
OrderIDINTForeign Key to Orders
ProductIDINTForeign Key to Products
QuantityINTQuantity of the product
SubtotalDECIMAL(10, 2)Subtotal for the product
  • Reviews Table

This table allows users to leave reviews for products.

FieldData TypeDescription
ReviewIDINTPrimary Key, Auto-increment
UserIDINTForeign Key to Users
ProductIDINTForeign Key to Products
RatingINTRating (e.g., 1-5)
CommentTEXTReview comment
ReviewDateTIMESTAMPDate and time of the review

This schema provides a foundation for an online merch store. It supports user registration, product management, order processing, and product reviews. Depending on your specific requirements, you may need to extend the schema to include features like shipping information, payment methods, and more advanced product attributes. Additionally, consider incorporating indexing and normalization techniques for database optimization and performance.

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