Wordpress tutorial beginners.

WordPress tutorial beginners

Wordpress tutorial beginners. For the newbie, not easy pees. Notice the difference between (open source version) and (commercial version with hosting)

Gold rush

Gold rush – digging for gold

Gold rush. Time for some history and facts. A new discovery of gold brings a rush of miners digging for gold. All seeking their place and fortune. A take and grab feeling...

reflective gold cubes.

The reflective gold

The reflective gold Gold reflects infrared lightThe light you don’t see Its molecules vibrate fasterand become heat Gold is a malleable heat shieldA very thin shield It has great propertiesOne

Block themes

Block Themes

Block Themes. With Wordpress 5.9 and its latest Twenty Twenty-Two Theme, Full Site Editing (FSE) becomes a fact.

Buy crypto safely

Buy crypto safely

Buy crypto safely. Crypto is the new gold, with its rush for gold, scams, hackers and risky business. It is digital cash with a very volatile and unstable market. A no go if you do not know.

Main idea worksheet

Main idea worksheet

Main idea worksheet. Finding an idea to work out, whether it be for your blog, vlog, niche... can be hardship for many. Let us try a simple and yet great worksheet to frame our content

What is a keyword research tool.

What is a keyword research tool

What is a keyword research tool. A keyword research tool helps you to research popular search terms that people type into search engines. One of them is Google. Once you have done your research you can include those keywords in...

Time for review

Time for a little review

Wealthy affiliate A site for solopreneurs willing to learn the digital tricks for  success online. After a week of testing, what can be said? The lesser points Just video for

Good to know

Use of page

In WordPress Page is different from Post It will stay in one place and show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page

How to solve procrastination

How to solve procrastination

How to solve procrastination! Let us first define it. What is procrastination? Reading all the definitions it resumes to this:To postpone and delay actions that need to be taken What

Emerging trends marketing

Emerging trends marketing

Hypes as they say! Or new waves clashing consumer shores … Physical advertising follows trends.Internet marketing jumps on trends. And both want to take advantage of the market and defeat

Keep on going

The 4th day: making a website

Making a website Today I spent my time making my first website on siterubix with wordpress. If you need more information about wordpress look here : Some links for wordpress

The road to success

The road to success

On the road to successwe always have a choice Luck is garbaggeWork smarter Money is a toolA servantNot a master Patience is not speculationThe time-toolIs a valuable measure Avoid addictionAvoid

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