The dangers of AI (artificial intelligence)

The dangers of AI

The dangers of AI

The dangers of AI (artificial intelligence) are real and should be given close attention!
Not talking about automatisation or robotization!

Elon Musk lately warned the world about the dangers of AI and the need for regulation. 

The internet is not for nothing called the web!
Wonder who the spiders are… 

A non exhausitive list
Can you add to that)

1. The first important danger is standardisation or flopalisation

Meaning all is reduced to one rule. No exception. 

2. The second  important danger is the lack of privacy.

Meaning big brother watching to controle you and oh my if you do not fit the bill or if the institution or government is bad. 

Liberty equals choice. Without choice no liberty and it goes for all .

3. The third important danger is dependancy

Meaning the internet is juiced with energy. Imagine a fall out. Poof. Yuk, right?

Moral of the story

Make sure to have a physical backup

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

Be carefull with what you share

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