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TablePress plugin for Automatic Indexing

TablePress plugin for Automatic Indexing
TablePress plugin for Automatic Indexing

TablePress plugin for Automatic Indexing

One way to create a page with a table that automatically indexes all your posts and pages in WordPress is to use a plugin called TablePress. This plugin allows you to create tables and customize them easily without having to write any code.

Here are the steps to create a table with an alphabetical index and a short excerpt using TablePress:

  1. Install and activate the TablePress plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Click on the TablePress menu in your WordPress dashboard and click “Add New.”
  3. In the “Table Name” field, enter a name for your table. This can be anything you want.
  4. In the “Table Description” field, enter a brief description of what the table is for.
  5. In the “Table Content” section, add the following shortcode:


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[posts_table columns=”date,title,excerpt” links=”title” order_by=”title” sort_order=”asc”]

This shortcode will create a table that includes the date, title, and excerpt of each post and page, ordered alphabetically by the title.

  1. Click “Save Changes” to create your table.
  2. To display your table on a page, create a new page or edit an existing page in WordPress.
  3. Add the following shortcode to your page where you want the table to appear:


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[table id=TABLEID /]

Replace TABLEID with the ID of your table, which can be found in the TablePress menu.

Publish or update your page to display the table.

That’s it! Your WordPress site now has a page with a table that indexes all your posts and pages alphabetically and includes a short excerpt.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

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