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LegalZoom is a Good Choice for Individuals

LegalZoom is a Good Choice for Individuals seeking to protect their intellectual property
LegalZoom is a Good Choice for Individuals seeking to protect their intellectual property

LegalZoom is a Good Choice for Individuals

Advice for Individuals seeking to protect their intellectual property 

For individuals seeking to protect their intellectual property without the resources of a large business, the best choice often balances affordability, ease of use, and comprehensive service offerings. Based on these criteria, LegalZoom stands out as a particularly suitable option. Here’s why:


User-Friendly Platform: LegalZoom is designed to be accessible and straightforward, making it easier for individuals who may not have extensive legal knowledge to navigate the IP protection process.

Fixed-Rate Packages: Knowing costs upfront can be very helpful for budgeting purposes. LegalZoom offers clear pricing for various services, including trademark registration and patent filing.

Wide Range of Services: Beyond just filing for trademarks or patents, LegalZoom can assist with copyright registration, business formation, and other legal services that might be relevant for individual creators or small business owners.

Access to Legal Advice: While not a substitute for a dedicated IP law firm, LegalZoom does offer consultations with licensed attorneys, which can be invaluable for addressing specific questions or concerns.


Less Personalized Service: Due to its broad, package-based approach, you might not receive the same level of personalized service or detailed attention that a specialized IP attorney would provide.

Costs May Add Up: While initial package prices are competitive, additional fees may apply for services beyond the basic package, such as responding to office actions from the USPTO.


Trademark Filing: Starts around $299, plus the USPTO’s filing fees.

Patent Filing: More variable; utility patents are more complex and expensive than design patents, so it’s recommended to consult for specifics.

Tips for Individuals Protecting IP

Assess Your Needs: Before choosing a service, clearly define what IP protection you need (trademark, patent, copyright) and consider how complex your case might be.

Do Your Research: Even with user-friendly services, a basic understanding of the process can help you make informed decisions.

Consider Future Needs: If you anticipate needing more comprehensive legal support down the line, starting with a service that offers access to legal advice can be beneficial.

Watch for Additional Costs: Ensure you understand what’s included in any package and what might constitute an extra charge.

While LegalZoom is a strong starting point for individuals, it’s also wise to compare services and consider consulting with a specialized IP attorney for more complex needs or specific legal advice. The right choice ultimately depends on your specific situation, including the complexity of your IP, your budget, and your comfort level with navigating these processes on your own.

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