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How to solve procrastination

How to solve procrastination!

Let us first define it.

What is procrastination?

Reading all the definitions it resumes to this:
To postpone and delay actions that need to be taken

What is the source of procrastination?

Procrastination has three main sources
1. Laziness
2. Lack of knowledge
3. Lack of enthusiasm

Now that we know the causes of procrastination it will be easier to find a remedy and some solutions to those problems that are quite different.

1. Procrastination because of laziness

Laziness can be a recurrent problem for inactive, passive characters. They prefer waiting for others to solve their problems. And what is more… without paying a dime.

So beware the parasites. They will copy, cheat… seeking quick and easy success. Often also they are very jealous and castrating.

Sitting on their throne of indulgence, commanding others.

If this is your case, wake up.
Seek a coach to help you plan your efforts.
Stick to it and engage.

You hold the key for change.

Admit your vice
Change attitude

No other way.

2. Procrastination because of lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge is the most common cause of procrastination.

How can you work out a solution if you do not know how.

The best way is to do your research on the topic.
Seek advice from more advanced users.
Ask support to help you with this.

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Marketing university
Marketing university

Great teachings, great lessons, great advice!
A way to learn and take it one step further.

3. Procrastination because of lack of enthousiasm

Lack of enthousiasm has to do with things we do not like and are not so good at.

How can you swim if you prefer to fly?

Again, nothing wrong with that. Your feeling tells you if you are fit for the job. .. if not, do not insist, no use… seek other solutions or have others (who like it) done it for you. In this case best is to delegate and have budget for that as well. Or quit.

Seek your genius elsewhere


Just know the cause of your procrastination.

If it is laziness, seek a way to become more active
If it is lack of knowledge, learn and take time to deepen
If it is lack of enthousiasm, you are trotting the wrong path

Easier said than done, when you have others to feed.
Again… it is not a white black situation… just a little of all that.

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